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Is Pinterest’s target audience changing?

Pinterest for businessAccording to Craig Smith of Digital Marketing Ramblings, Pinterest has reached the 70 million users mark. While you’re not wrong to assume that woman make up the majority of the users in that statistic, the number of men who have recently joined Pinterest has drastically increased. Take a look at the numbers. In the US alone, 42 percent of women who are online use Pinterest. Recently, it was found that 13 percent of men who are online have started using it. Pinterest is also growing overseas, especially in European countries. Which prompts the question, is Pinterest’s target audience changing? Should the way you approach Pinterest for Business reflect these recent statistics?

Is Pinterest’s target audience changing?

Pinterest has truly everything from fashion, to home décor, to health, to arts and crafts ideas, to recipes and everything in between. You can design your dream home, plan your dream wedding and strategize your next four-course meal. Yes, pinning can be the perfect way to spend some free time, but it can also be a great resource. With the original Pinterest target audience primarily consisting of female ages 25-54, businesses have had a great opportunity to showcase their products in a photo-driven format. But now, given these new statistics, businesses would be silly to ignore the fact that more men are using Pinterest, too. How can your business reach men on Pinterest? A man’s focus on Pinterest might be different from a woman’s, but he’s still active on the platform.

Is Pinterest’s target audience changing?

WSJ Fashion board, a mix of men and women’s attire.

Reaching Men on Pinterest Based on Their Interests

Because Pinterest does not delineate accounts based on gender, all users choose what interests them based on categories when they first set up their accounts. After talking with a handful of men in my life, they shared the categories they chose when they set up their accounts. Some categories they listed were sports, science & nature, humor, men’s fashion, food & drink, architecture and design. After these conversations, I compared my own selections from when I first created my own account. I had chosen four out of the eight categories these men had selected. We shouldn’t be asking ourselves if the number of men on Pinterest is going to surpass the number of women on Pinterest. Instead, we should ask ourselves how our businesses can reach men. The answer? By curating boards that appeal specifically to men. Check out REI’s active adventure boards, ESPN’s humor, sports and food boards and Wall Street Journal’s gadgets, graphics, news and fitness boards for inspiration. Expand your business’s target market on Pinterest. Continue to share your products in a visual format, but start to share products with your male audience in mind. In the end, men are on Pinterest for the same reasons women are: for relevant, useful, creative ideas and hacks. Want more info on this subject? Check out the original Pinterest blog post here. Setup your free social media consultation call


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