Signs that you're blogging effectivelyWe talk about blogging quite a bit here on the RedMoxy blog. There’s not a snazzy, sophisticated reason for it: really, it’s just because blogging is one of my favorite marketing topics. I do a lot of ghost writing for our clients, so I’m comfortable with the subject, much more than, say, SEO. It occurred to me, though, that I’ve never really explained why we promote blogging. I’ve spent many blog posts explaining various tactics for improving your corporate blogging skills, like “5 Best Practices for Blogging” and “How to Improve Your Blogging in 5 Easy Ways.” I’ve talked about how to pick the right topic, how to market your blog with email, how to generate more blog topics…but never why to blog in the first place. Today, I’m remedying that oversight with a list of 10 reasons to consider corporate blogging. Not sure if you’re ready to start blogging for your company? Read here first. Maybe this list will give you that final push to get started. 

10 Reasons to Consider Corporate Blogging

1. It drives traffic to your website.
2. It establishes industry-related authority.
3. It helps turn site visitors into leads…and even customers.
4. Its results are of the long-term kind.
5. It helps you understand your audience.
6. It’s a great place to run trials of marketing campaigns at a low cost.
7. It improves SEO for your whole website.
8. It allows your company to connect with and share content with customers (and potential customers).
9. It creates content for other marketing channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email newsletters and e-books.
10. It gives your company a voice. It’s also a place to establish your company’s personality and to share it with site visitors.

That’s the short list. 10 reasons to consider corporate blogging, but without any further description. Does it feel like we’re missing something? I feel the same way. But, not to worry: we’ll be going into further details on these 10 reasons in upcoming blogs. (Yes, that’s a shameless plug. Come on back, right here to this blog,  to learn more.) Stay tuned!