10 Ways to Get More Clicks on Your Company Tweets

Feb 18, 2015

The Next Strategy for Facebook and TwitterYou’ve done all the hard work already. You researched the topic, wrote the blog post, created spectacular imagery and, finally, published the latest installment of the company blog. And now comes the fun part: sharing it.

But, when you tweet out the link on Twitter, you’re dismayed to find that you only get a couple of click-throughs. I mean, what’s the point of creating such great content if no one is even going to read it?

Before you get discouraged, read these tips on 10 ways to get more clicks on your company tweets. There’s a number of simple tweaks you can make to your tweet strategy to help the click-through rate to begin a-rising.

10 Ways to Get More Clicks on Your Company Tweets

Write persuasively

Write tweets that are a) easy to read and b) spark curiosity. And, throw in c) for good measure: state a benefit.

Use (the right) keywords

Make your tweet findable. Many users will search for good content on Twitter, and if your tweets turn up in searches, you’ll notice an increased click-through rate.

Use hashtags

Users also search via hashtags, so use the appropriate hashtags in your tweets. Talking about copywriting? Use #writing, for example.

Tweet when your followers are online

Studies show that click-throughs are more likely to happen in the afternoon. Learn when your audience is most engaged. Not sure how to figure that out? Don’t worry; we have a blog coming on that topic very soon.

Space out your tweets

Don’t flood your followers with your tweets. When your tweets are spaced out, each individually will get more click-throughs.

Make your tweets 120-130 characters long

That range seems to be the magic number.

Use words that encourage clicks

Try using words like “via” or “RT” or “Check” – all of these get a higher CTR.

Mention someone in your tweet

Try tagging someone in your tweet – like the author of the blog, perhaps. Using the “@” symbol results in a higher CTR.

Put links at the beginning of your tweet

Studies found that when links appeared one-quarter of the way through a tweet, they got more click-throughs.

Analyze your results

What works? What doesn’t? Study your results and then modify your strategy going forward.
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