10 Ways to Promote Your Brand Digitally

Dec 4, 2017

10 Ways to Promote Your Brand Digitally

Growing your brand digitally is a marathon with a variety of different strategies that can help keep growth happening. Here are a few of our tips.

1. Tweet, Like and Share Your Own Content

10 Ways to Promote Your Brand DigitallyGetting eyes on your content is going to be the first step toward success, so be sure that you are letting your followers to know where they can see that content. Twitter and Facebook are great places to share this information and to engage with fans and followers. The information is just a click away, and the opportunity for feedback is available to people as well.

2. Engage with Other Businesses on Social Media

Being social on social media is a great way to grab people’s attention. Be supportive of other local businesses around you and don’t be selfish with the things you promote. It could be really great for your business to share other business’s information. It could even lead to them reciprocating the publicity. Be sure you are always thinking win-win. What can I do that will help others and my business simultaneously?

3. Follow & Engage with Journalists on Social Media

We have talked about this before on our blog, but we’ll touch on it again. When you are trying to build relationship with news media outlets and journalists social media can be a big help to you. And, the media can do wonders for boosting your brand’s reach. So, be sure that you reach out to the media and start genuinely getting to know them and their stories.

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4. Share Blogs with Industry Expertise

Now, we simply had to include this little number in the list because we believe so strongly in it ourselves. At RedMoxy, we like to see our blog as a resource for our clients and for others in the industry. We do our best to showcase our expertise so that we can help others. And, it has helped us connect with new clients and build relationships. So, yet again, this is a win-win strategy that you can take.

5. Create Guest Blog Posts

If you have a blog that you post on regularly or semi-regularly, this is a great tip for you. Every so often, try to find a guest to write a blog post for your company. This guest may be someone in the industry, a local public figure or a client. Think creatively. Try to choose someone with a following, though. That way, you can share her/his content with your following and s/he can share the blog post with her or his own following. This, again, is a win-win situation. You are getting new eyes on your website and that other person is getting new eyes on her/his content. Be sure you do that person the favor of linking her/his website in the blog post, so that s/he can get more publicity as well.

6. Write a Press Release

More on that here.

7. Schedule Your Social Media in Advance

When building a brand, it is so important that you stay up to date with your social media presence. Consistency and engagement are key for social media growth. So, scheduling ahead of time can take some of the burden of posting off your shoulders — big time! Put in the work ahead of time so that you don’t have to rush to post last minute.

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8. Create Internships

Internships are great for a variety of reasons, but they can also help with branding as well. Say you have an intern named Sal who goes home for Christmas. While at home, Sal is likely to get bombarded with questions from uncles, aunt, grandmas and grandpas about what Sal is doing in life. Sal will then proceed to say, “Well, I am currently interning at _____________.” And, just like that, you just got more publicity.

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9. Pin Your Blogs on Pinterest

Pinterest is a breeding ground for learning and entertainment. Having a strong Pinterest presence is one of the best ways to rapidly grow your brand’s reach. More on that here.

10. Re-pin Your Blogs on Pinterest

If you are checking your numbers on Pinterest and realize that a blog you pinned didn’t get any clicks or got very few, re-pin it. There are no rules on Pinterest about how many times you can re-pin the same thing, so take advantage of the opportunity to reintroduce your content to people.

Keep growing your brand’s presence and keep hammering away at these points. Slow and steady wins the race.