18 Quick Tips About Waukesha Web Design

Aug 10, 2015

18 Quick Tips About Waukesha Web DesignWhen you’ve reached the point of maximum frustration with your current website, you know that it’s time to start thinking about a new web design. But it doesn’t have to get that far – you can recognize the need for a Waukesha web design well before hitting the boiling point.

Why do we say “Waukesha web design”? Well, because we’re doing Waukesha web design daily, so we know it backwards and forwards. And because we know it backwards and forwards, we can speak to it. In short, we’re here with 18 quick tips about Waukesha web design to help you in knowing, understanding, comprehending the Waukesha web design process. Ready? Let’s go. 

18 Quick Tips About Waukesha Web Design

These are the steps you can expect in a Waukesha web design project:

  1. Discovery
  2. Design
  3. Development
  4. Testing
  5. Launch

These design trends are huge:

  1. Big, beautiful imagery
  2. Rich Content
  3. Strong Typography
  4. Bonus! A responsive site is like gold for improving your website’s SEO with Google. 

These are the basic steps you should take to begin designing or redesigning a website:

  1. Define your goals and purpose of the design/redesign
  2. Determine your budget
  3. Decide on a designer (we recommend us…but what can we say? We’re biased.)
  4. Think about – and plot out – your desired website navigation
  5. Analyze your current website visuals. If you don’t yet have a website, think about the kind of visuals that you’d like to be included on your new website
  6. Find a handful of websites that you like – your website designed can model your new site on these
  7. Critique the designs that your website designer sends to you – give great feedback so he or she knows exactly what changes you’d like made
  8. Sit back and let your Waukesha web design team do the heavy lifting of website development for you
  9. Once the new site is live (Yippee!), critique it. Any changes that you’d like made, now that you see what the site looks like in action? Tell your Waukesha web design team so that they can begin tweaking

How’s that for quick, down-and-dirty web design tips? If you’re looking for a little bit more “meat” – more heavy-duty substance on each of these topics, check out our blog posts specifically dedicated to the steps of a website design/redesign project, current design trends, and the basic steps you can take to begin the redesign process.