2023 Email Marketing Trends to Implement

Jan 12, 2023

Email marketing is alive and thriving in 2023. While it may seem like social media may make email irrelevant, email marketing continues to be one of the best marketing strategies to connect with your company’s target audience. With the marketing industry always shifting, however, how can you make sure your emails are effective? Check out our three 2023 email marketing trends to implement, and boost your email marketing campaign’s success.

2023 Email Marketing Trends

Email marketing is predicted to continue being one of the most effective communication channels to use in marketing. In Katrina Kirsch’s article, “The Ultimate List of Email Marketing Stats for 2022,” at HubSpot she discusses the importance of email marketing based on HubSpot’s statistics. According to HubSpot, there are approximately four billion daily email users. Plus, 37% of brands are planning on increasing their email marketing budget. Why are brands increasing their budget? Not only is there a large portion of the population using email, but marketers have also seen a 77% increase in email engagement, according to HubSpot.

Just with this brief overview of 2022 email marketing statistics, it is clear to see that email marketing will continue to be relevant in 2023.

1. Design for Mobile Devices

While email has traditionally been used on desktop computers or laptops, there has been an increase in mobile users. According to Kirsch, a majority of marketers are using mobile-friendly email tactics. With around 41% of email users viewing emails on mobile devices (with 39% viewing on desktop), the importance of adapting emails for mobile devices cannot be understated, says Kirsch.

One of the ways to ensure your emails are set for mobile devices is simply to test them out before sending to your target publics. Some email marketing platforms allow you to design for mobile and desktop making the process simpler. Adding the extra step of designing emails for mobile use will help boost the effectiveness and accessibility of your email marketing campaigns.

2. Personalize and Tell a Story

Most people are frustrated with the number of emails they receive. This can make email marketing challenging as getting recipients to actually open your emails is the first and one of the most difficult hurdles to get over. However, personalizing the email and utilizing storytelling can improve the likelihood recipients will open and actually read your emails.

Macy Storm discussed the importance of personalization and storytelling in her article, “2023 Email Marketing Trends: 5+ Trends Impacting the Future of Email,” at Web FX. She recommends addressing the email to the customer themselves instead of having a general greeting. Emphasizing how the content relates to the recipients is also key to creating more engaging emails, says Storm.

Storytelling is integral to marketing. By framing your emails as a story, you avoid talking at your customers, and instead, open a conversation with them.

3. Add Interactivity

Having recipients interact in your emails is one of the top 2023 email marketing trends to implement. According to Storm, interactive emails have elements such as a carousel of images recipients can swipe through, videos recipients can watch, sliders recipients can manipulate and even games recipients can play. In doing so, customers can interact with your content without having to leave their email, making it easier for them to engage with your company.

This new year, implement these three email marketing trends to take your marketing strategy to the next level. From designing emails for mobile and adding personalization to storytelling and adding interactivity, your email campaigns will become even more successful in 2023.

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