3 Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

Jul 15, 2019

Advertising mistakes are everywhere. Weird photoshop fails on billboard advertisements and politically tone-deaf commercials are cringey (and costly) advertising mistakes we hear about a lot. On a smaller scale, advertising mistakes are usually less memorable. However, there are common advertising mistakes to avoid for all companies and advertising campaigns. Read on to learn what 3 advertising mistakes to avoid (and how to avoid them).

3 Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake 1: Me-focused message

While planning advertising, keep the viewer forefront in your mind. No matter how great your company is, the viewer will not be impressed if you only talk about yourself. Just like in real life conversations, it’s off-putting if someone only talks about themselves (even if they’re really cool). When people drone on and on about themselves, we tend to tune them out and start thinking about other things.

To combat a “me-focused” message, focus on the viewers. You want the viewers to feel valued—so talk to them. Use “you” language and focus on their wants and needs. Use these questions to focus your message on your viewers:

  • How will it improve their lives?
  • How will it save them money?
  • Does it save them time?
  • How does your company apply to them?

Mistake 2: Always sending people to your website’s homepage

One common advertising mistake is only sending people to your homepage. If all your links plop visitors on your homepage, they may not stick around. Create specific landing pages for ad campaigns. For example, if you’re advertising an event, create a landing page with clear call-to-actions that the visitor can get details and RSVP right away. This will keep the visitor engaged instead of wandering around your site looking for what the ad was about.

A strong landing page will include a compelling headline. This will help the visitor stick around on the page. Clearly connecting the headline to the text of the ad will further keep the visitor engaged. If we see a clear connection between the ad and the heading right away, we aren’t confused. A solid landing page also includes well-written copy. Keep this copy focused on the visitor (just like your ad). Including visuals (pictures and videos) can also improve the landing page experience. Finally, include strong calls-to-action on the page. Attractive buttons with clear wording will help increase your lead conversion on the landing page.

Mistake 3: Not planning your ads

Not planning ahead is a common mistake when running advertising campaigns. Throwing an ad together without researching will decrease the effectiveness of the advertising. It might save time in the beginning stages, but won’t save time later on as you’ll have to edit and change the ads because they didn’t create any business or leads.

Using a/b testing is a simple was to research the effectiveness of your ads. In a/b testing you’ll compare two versions of your ads and see how their results differ. Using analytics gathered from these tests, you choose which ad to continue using. You use the information gathered to improve the effectiveness of your ads by additional editing and testing.

In addition, make sure that your advertising is focused on your specific target audience. We already talked about how your ad should focus on the viewer, but focusing on your target audience is even more specific. Identifying with a particular audience allows your company to stand out. When planning your ads, think of what your target audience’s needs, wants, and interests are and cater your ad to those things. 

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