3 Types of Marketing Videos for Your Audience

Jan 26, 2015

3 Types of Marketing Videos for Your Audience As promised, today we’re addressing the different types of marketing videos you’ll want to create as you reach out to your audience. That audience is traveling through a different stage of the buyer’s journey at any given point, and you’ll want different videos to match up with the stage they’re in.

If you’re asking, “Wait, wait. What does the buyer’s journey have to do with all this?” then read here. The buyer’s journey is why you’ll want to create 3 types of marketing videos for your audience – it should have an integral role in your video marketing.

If you haven’t yet read how to dive into video marketing or the 7 best practices to amp up your marketing videos, start with those and then come back to this post – it’ll make a lot more sense.

If you’re still with us, let’s dive in!

3 Types of Marketing Videos for Your Audience

1. First-time Videos

The first type of video is a first-time video. Pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? With these videos, you want to engage visitors in your service and industry. Give them little tidbits of information that will keep them interested and wanting even more. That means focusing on high-level details – nothing too nitty-gritty – and keeping it short and sweet. Make these first-time videos less than three minutes. Even just :30 seconds might be good enough for this type of video.

2. Engage Prospects Videos

If first-time videos are the “hook,” then engage prospects videos are the “reeling in” action. For these videos, focus on your selling points: Why should your audience be interested in what you have to offer? Show how your selling points will help your viewers to solve a problem in their life.

And, keep engaging visitors in your service and industry. You want viewers to become comfortable with your business’s identity.

3. Delighting Customers Videos

The best way to delight customers is to help them help themselves. Perhaps there’s a question that a number of clients have after several weeks of using your product. Well then, answer the common questions in a video! Turn the friction points – areas where customers are unhappy or dissatisfied – into positive experiences.

You guessed it…You’ll also want to engage customers in your company and brand and identity through your delighting customers videos.

How will you know if you hit the right audience with your new video? Watch how your audience reacts. Do they love this video? Do they watch the whole way through? Do they share the video? Pay attention to what works and what doesn’t and, as always, tweak as you go!