5 B2B Social Media Marketing Myths

Dec 18, 2019

Social media marketing is the wave that’s taken over business to consumer marketing in the last few years. For industrial companies the question is raised: where does social media land in business to business marketing? Social media marketing has a valuable place in B2B marketing campaigns. Read on for 5 B2B social media marketing myths and how to disprove them in your own B2B company.

5 B2B Social Media Marketing Myths

Myth #1: People won’t look at B2B social media accounts.

When considering social media accounts for B2B companies, many people think that an audience won’t look at B2B accounts. Due to the fact that the majority of the population uses social media daily, an interested audience will follow B2B social media accounts. With proper content, an audience will even engage with a B2B account. To help with creating content that people will want to interact with, post content that is:

  • original
  • findable
  • readable
  • reliable
  • understandable
  • engaging
  • SEO optimized

Refer to this blog post for further how-to tips on each of the above bullet points.

Myth #2: B2B Social media isn’t measurable.

Social media is sometimes viewed as an added expense to B2B companies—a marketing endeavor of lesser value. In fact, social media results can be measured and add value to marketing campaigns. To measure social’s success, create specific goals. Each time you evaluate, consider your detailed goals. See how social has met them, adjust as necessary, and edit your social strategy to match.

Myth #3: B2B Social media won’t grow your network.

B2B social media comes with a concern that it won’t grow your network. However, with social media content that caters to a human audience, social can grow a valuable network. To create content that attracts an audience, make social media posts that relate to people, not just posts about your company. Ask yourself these questions to help create human-focused content:

  • If I didn’t work for this company would I look at this post?
  • What value is this adding to someone’s life?
  • What posts would I enjoy seeing from this company?

Even though B2B social media accounts are coming from a business perspective, you are still dealing with humans on both ends of the screens. Someone (you, probably) is making the content and someone (your audience) is looking at it. Creating content that is personal and interesting is the sweet spot in the middle of the business connections being made.

Myth #4: Having a B2B Facebook page is enough of a social media presence.

Having a Facebook page is a good start for a B2B social media presence. However, this is just a foundation. To keep building on this foundation, use the above best practices for creating high-quality content on the Facebook page. In addition, branching out to other social media channels is key. Some of your audience will overlap from each platform, but some audiences can be grown on each platform. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Instagram all can benefit your B2B company in unique ways. Diversifying audience and content over each platform grows the impact of a social media strategy exponentially.

Myth #5: Social media isn’t worth it for B2B companies.

This myth is pretty self-explanatory, considering the myths just listed. If it isn’t measurable and doesn’t grow an audience, how can it be worthwhile? However, as seen above, B2B companies can measure results and grow an audience with social media strategies. Social media is worthwhile and a valuable time and resource investment for B2B companies.

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