5 Best Practices for Blogging

Nov 7, 2014

5 best practices for blogging

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How’s your blogging going? Feel like you’re getting the hang of it? It’s amazing how a daunting task becomes comfortable, just through repetition. Of course, there’s always room for improvement, so check out our 5 best practices for blogging below. Use these 5 tips as a checklist and make sure your company’s blog is still stacking up.

5 Best Practices for Blogging


1. Write Unique, Educational Content

Your readers are coming to you for information they can’t get elsewhere. Give it to them!

2. Format Properly

Make sure you leave white space on your blog pages. If you’re not responsible for the format of the company blog, talk to the person who is. You can help yourself – and the blog – by making the reading easy on the eyes. The easiest way to make your blog easy to read is to include plenty of white space.

The second-easiest way is to include images. Images attract the eyes, as you’ve heard from us in this post. Spend time picking the perfect imagery, since that is the single-most eye-catching aspect of your blog.

3. Focus on Your Title

You know what else catches the eyes? The title of your blog. Don’t make determining your blog title an afterthought. Pick a title purposefully, and really consider what will get readers to click on the title to read your entire post.

4. Optimize for SEO

This best practice comes with a caveat – optimize for SEO, but don’t let it become more important to you than the quality of your content. More and more, search engines are recognizing the value of blogs that answer questions first and foremost, and worry about keywords in the title, meta-descriptions, alt-tags, etc. secondly.

Optimize for SEO in that you use subheadings, a clear title and a longtail keyword, but do all these things with your reader in mind. Make it easy for them to know what your blog is about. If you do that, you’ll be optimized for SEO.

Mostly, anyway. There’s a bit more to it than that. Read about it here.

5. Promote Through Social Media

If you’ve been following along with us, you should already know about this one from last week’s post. If you missed it, learn how to organically promote your blog on social media here.


These are just 5 best practices for blogging in the vast ocean of best practices for blogging. If these tips haven’t satiated your appetite for making your blog bigger and better than ever, catch some of our other best practices here.