5 Business Accounts to Follow on Social Media

Aug 28, 2017

5 Accounts to Follow on Social MediaLet’s look into social media and specifically 5 accounts to follow on social media. Now, we have talked in depth about how much of a commitment social media is. For some, that is a lot of fun, and for others, it is a pain in the rear end. There are so many angles a business could take, so many Instagram filters to choose from, and responding to comments seems like a lot of work. You are right. It is difficult and a time commitment. We know — we do it for ourselves and our clients. It gets to be a looooot sometimes. Here is the thing, though. Every other person has a social media account of some kind and checks it frequently. If you can play your cards right, you can get these people to look into your business.

Now, if you can take this a step further and get them following you and engaging with you, you can build quality relationships over your screens. This can be really powerful for growing your business. See, at this point in time, there are like 5 gazillion business throwing their advertising in people’s faces. It seems like all they want is money, money, money. At this point, you have to beat all the other companies by going above and beyond. Now, if you are a small business, you are likely not going to be able to out-advertise some of these multi-million dollar corporations. What you can do, though, is out-customer service them. And, social media is a great avenue to do this with.

5 Social Media Accounts to Learn From

Here are some companies that are killing it with their social media marketing.


Top Accounts to Follow on Social MediaIt may “just be an office supply store”, but Staples nails it with their social media campaigns. The posts are very relatable, and Staples is good at getting people to engage in their posts. Often they ask questions or simply ask people to share something about themselves. They don’t let it stop there, though. Staples asks people to comment, and then they respond to the comments that they get. They make sure that comments become conversations.

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Pizza HutTop Accounts to Follow on Social Media

Pizza Hut knows how to make funny, relevant posts that people will enjoy. They also use their social media to advertise new deals on pizzas.

Those kinds of posts always feature a picture, and let’s be real, who can say no to a picture of pizza?

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Top Accounts to Follow on Social MediaOld Spice
Old Spice is great on TV commercials, but the videos don’t stop there.

They utilize their YouTube channel to share their hilarious commercials, gain more publicity. And, it works.

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Top Accounts to Follow on Social MediaStarbucks definitely knows how to run their Twitter campaign. The popular coffee company is all about retweeting their fans’ tweets, and we give them a gold star for that. It is one thing to have great content, but it is even better to engage.

Plus, many of the fan’s tweets that Starbucks retweets get retweeted by more Starbucks fans. OK, yes that was confusing. The point is this, by sharing fan’s content, they are reaching more people.


Top Accounts to Follow on Social MediaHow can a company that sells diapers be so wildly popular and successful? Well, among other things, their social media campaigns are stellar. If you scroll through their Facebook page, you are going to feel your heart strings being tugged so hard. The company balances parenthood, nostalgia and just general love really well. Pampers feels like more than just a diaper.

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If you should take anything from this post, its that you should be humanized, engaging and personal. Reach out to your followers and connect with them. You have the chance to set your brand apart. Take that chance.

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