5 Social Media Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Mar 2, 2021

As we enter into March 2021, let’s take a moment to think ahead. Now more than ever, social media is an integral part of any marketing strategy. Here’s 5 social media trends to look out for in the rest of 2021 (based on what’s worked so far)!

5 Social Media Trends to Look Out for in 2021

1) Social -> Shopping

Social media platforms are slowly evolving into shopping platforms. One instance of this is the addition of a shopping page on Instagram accessible on the main menu. This change in layout increases accessibility of shopping directly on the social media app. Many Instagram users weren’t happy when this update came out, but in any case, it seems like it’s here to stay. Businesses, especially small businesses, can use this feature to increase exposure. Another feature Instagram offers is to tag products on pictures. This shows the price and allows easy linking to e-commerce sites. Other social media platforms are also leaning into shopping so we’ll see a continued rise in the social to shopping connection in 2021.

2) Purposeful Posting

This year is already showing an emphasis on thoughtful and purposeful businesses. Even if your business isn’t a non-profit, thoughtful posting is still on the rise. Brainstorm what that could mean for your own business and industry. Is that showing your audience the behind-the-scenes of your business? Is that taking a deeper dive into industry issues? Thoughtful posting not only builds your credibility but also allows you to explore interesting topics.

3) Consumable Content 

Since we’ve had an overwhelming amount of digital and social content over the last year, easy to consume content is now the way to go. Speaking from personal experience, I know I don’t want to work very hard to consume content right now. For the business world, easy to consume content means content such as videos, podcasts, email newsletters, and blog posts. A podcast to listen to when driving to and from your errands, a video to watch while dinner is cooking, or an email/blog to skim through while drinking your morning coffee are likely to be appreciated this year. 

4) Video Stories

 The story feature isn’t new to social media. It’s been around on Snapchat and now Instagram for a while. However, how it’s being used is changing this year. Studies have shown that there’s a higher retention rate if you post videos to your stories versus picture content. If you post videos where someone is talking, consider adding closed captions for those who need them and those who are watching Insta stories without their sound on—this will increase the reach of your information.

 5) Lasting Livestreams

 Something that we all saw happen last year was the boom of the livestream. On most social media platforms, businesses and influencers alike hopped on to livestream to their audiences. Livestreaming is one of the ways to increase engagement and connection within your community. It mirrors an in-person event with real-time commentary and feedback. Most social platforms have adapted to the livestreaming culture, so Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok all can host livestreams.

In addition to livestreaming in the coming year, there will be a continued use of hybrid events. These are the events that are a mixture of virtual and in-person attendance. Some of the attendees might participate by watching a livestream and some may come in person with a limited attendance. When planning a hybrid event, it is important to think of both audiences when marketing the event on social media.

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