5 Tips for Promoting Your Webinar

Aug 16, 2017

Webinars, or online seminars, are a great tool to whip out when you want to connect with your audience on a more personal level. Webinars offer the ability to speak to multiple people around the world all at once, receive questions in real-time (via chats, etc.) and demonstrate products or showcase research in an instant. To get people to tune into your webinar, you need to effectively advertise it. Let’s get into our top tips for promoting your webinar.

Top 5 Tips for Promoting Your Webinar

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1. Write a Provocative Headline

The first step in developing your webinar dream is going to involve you choosing the topic of the webinar. Choose something that your audience is going to find relevant and interesting. If you get lots of questions about a certain topic, that may just be the topic for you. Once you have that all squared away, you are going to have to put your advertising pants on.

It is time to write a clickable headline, to grab people’s attention. We did just that above by naming this subheading “Write a Provocative Headline.” At first glance (if you didn’t do a double-take) you probably wondered why on this green earth we would ask you to write something “provocative”. Gotcha! So, we mean provocative as in “stimulating” or “provoking thought”. Yes, we purposefully chose this word to make you dig into our blog a little more. That is what we want you to do with your headlines. Write something that people have to click because the curiosity is just too great to resist!

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2. Shoot a Short Video

As you are promoting this event, it is important that you remember that your organization is a resource to your audience. Don’t get all “sales-y” on them. If you are trying too hard, it might seem like you are overcompensating for a lack of expertise.

5 Tips for Promoting Your WebinarTo give your audience a taste of what is to come, shoot a short video and explain what your webinar is going to be about. Show your excitement for sharing what you know and just be excited. Excitement is contagious, and if you are passionate about what you are sharing, people are going to naturally become interested.

Share your video on your social media platforms, send it out to your email list and post it on your website. Do this a few months before you are actually going to host the webinar, so that people have time to plan ahead for your Internet event.

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3. Write a Blog Post

If you want to give people a clear taste of what you will be sharing in your webinar, write a blog post and relay that information to them. Share your excitement over the knowledge you will be sharing, and explain how the information helped you in your business endeavors. Make it relatable. People like to feel that they can relate to one another.

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4. Utilize Your Newsletter

One month before your webinar is going to launch, write out a short blurb about the event and put it in your email newsletter. Link your video and/or blog in case people missed either, and remind them what the event is about. If you want, you can allow people to send you their questions before the event starts so that you can cover them during your talk.

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5. Send Regular Emails

As the date of your webinar gets closer and closer, begin to amp up your digital marketing. As far as email goes, we have a plan for you. You should send an email at three weeks prior, one week prior, and then the day before. This may seem excessive, but note that most people aren’t going to sign up for your event until a few days before it actually takes place. Your emails, again, are not meant to sell the experience but to remind your audience that this resource is available to them.

You can also start posting more about your webinar on social media, but don’t overdue it. Because of the professional nature of emailing, it will generally seem more acceptable for you to share your promotional material on that platform. Again, generally. Furthermore, email is one of the quickest ways to reach out directly to lots of qualified leads.  Not to mention that emails can be flagged and saved for later. 

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Your webinar isn’t going to promote itself, no matter how great your topic is or how fabulous you are. So, be sure that you are doing everything you can to make the experience available to your audience. If you have questions about webinars, digital marketing or anything in between, please reach out to us here.