5 Tips to Generate Leads on Twitter

Sep 18, 2014

What type of content should you create and share on Twitter to generate leads? And, for that matter, what’s the best way to share that information on Twitter to generate leads?

These are two very important questions. Let’s answer them, shall we? Up ahead, our five best tips to help you generate leads on Twitter. Now, you can probably tweak these tidbits of advice for other social platforms, but we’re specifically focusing on Twitter right now because, well, because we said so. Tune in later for talks about Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+…

5 Tips to Generate Leads on Twitter

generate leads on Twitter

Photo Credit: Pulpolux !!! via Compfight cc


1. You need a content strategy to support your Twitter strategy.

What does this mean? First, focus on your content. Second, focus on spreading that content on Twitter. Don’t go putting the horse before the cart – write great content first, and then worry about repackaging and sharing it on Twitter.


2. Don’t only post lead-generation content.

You can promote different types of content, and not all of it should be form-based, “I want your information before I give you anything” content. Sure, create some content like that, but also tweet fun photos, retweets, videos, replies…etc. Key point: Tweet a variety of information.


3. Use more than just text in your tweets.

Yes, Twitter is text-based. But you have a great opportunity to make your tweet stand out when you include a photo, video, GIF, meme, you name it. Don’t use an image every times – only for the ones you especially want to stand out. Try including an image every 3-4 tweets for starters. For more tips on picking out the right imagery, check out our blog post here.


4. Try out Twitter advertising.

Don’t use advertising as a crutch, but if you have the budget, advertising on Twitter is a good way to extend your reach. A promoted post means that your content is getting in front of potential contacts who aren’t following you and, therefore, aren’t seeing your content. You can zero in on your targeted audience, making your promoted posts that much more effective.

For more information on Twitter ads, visit them here.


5. Tell your audience what to do.

Give a clear call-t0-action in your tweet. Do you want them to check out the video? Or sign up for a webinar? Or click the link? Make it clear so that there can be no mistake. And, make sure to use tracking URLs so that you can track what is clicked and what is not. Learn more about tracking URLs here. 


What other tips would you add? What other parts of lead generation do you have questions about? If you’re curious for more information, check out our free guide to leads on Facebook – you’ll find tips there that you can apply anywhere!