Nervous to Network? 5 Truths to Remember when Networking

Apr 8, 2015

 5 Truths to Remember when NetworkingThere’s got to be some person somewhere who fell in love with networking events from the very beginning and never felt a moment’s hesitation or nervousness when walking into the room full of strangers…but I’ve never met this person. The point being, if you’re nervous to network, you’re not alone. It’s a simple truth of networking that takes some of the pressure off. Truth: Most people feel uncomfortable when they first start networking. 

That’s just the first truth of networking. Today, we have 5 truths to remember when networking. These truths will help you to feel more confident when you enter that room full of strangers, and, eventually, help you get to the point where – dare we say it – you like networking. 

5 Truths to Remember when Networking

Truth: Networking Skills Do Not Come Naturally

You have to practice them to get better at it, just like with any other skill. Did you love falling off your bike and scraping up your knees when you first started hopping on your bike? Probably not. But you kept at it, and now you can ride your bike with ease. You’ll find the same happens the more that you network.

Truth: You’ll Feel Overwhelmed At First

Accept it. Move one. Keep practicing. The feeling will pass.

Truth: You’re Responsible For Your Success…or Failure

Put yourself out there! Start an interaction, shake hands with your neighbor,  smile at the strangers around you. The only way to guarantee that you’ll talk to someone new at networking events is if you start the conversation. It’s all you. Ball’s in your court.

Truth: You’re Better Without Your Phone

Leave it in your pocket! Leave it in your purse. Don’t take it out; you’ll turn it into a crutch that prevents you from looking up, taking in your surroundings and meeting new people.

Truth: The More You Go, The More You’ll Enjoy It

Once networking events become a routine for you (“oh, it’s just something that I do”), you’ll find that you actually enjoy networking events. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Give yourself a new challenge. We dare you.

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