4 Useful Marketing Trends for Manufacturing Companies

Aug 2, 2019

Marketing trends help us stay up to date (and sometimes ahead of the curve) in marketing circles. Using trends for your manufacturing company’s advantage steps your marketing game up to the next level. Marketing trends that specifically apply to manufacturing companies are personalization, content marketing, automation, and email marketing. Consider these 4 useful marketing trends for manufacturing companies when planning your marketing strategy.

4 Useful Marketing Trends for Manufacturing Companies


Personalization makes the customer feel valued. This, in turn, helps the relationship between you and your customers. In manufacturing circles, it’s important to have a strong relationship between your company and your customers because a single customer has the potential to be a major revenue opportunity and lasting business relationship. Personalization in marketing and on your website allows the visitor/potential customer to become engaged with your company. Personalization may simply look like a familiar email greeting instead of “sir” or “ma’am.” On the other hand, personalization can look like a custom landing page on your website tailored to the visitor’s job role. This blog post about personalizing your website for every customer will walk you through options for personalization.

Content marketing

In all marketing circles, content marketing is growing in popularity. For manufacturing companies, content marketing is important in the buying process. Buyers will look at many pieces of your company’s content before even contacting your company. Much of the buying decision is made before directly talking to your company. If your social media pages and website have informational and expert content posted, the buyer’s trust in your company is strengthened. In addition, the buyer gains helpful new information about your shared manufacturing industry. Through proving helpful information about manufacturing industry topics, you end up providing information about your company. This blog post about creating high-quality content and this blog post about B2B content marketing examples will help you start your content marketing endeavors.


Automation will allow your company to connect with everyone visiting your pages without needing someone being on-call 24/7. Bots can facilitate simple customer questions and initial contact. Bots can increase conversions from your site. Their personalized and casual conversations help your company connect with customers. If your bot gains information from customers through quizzes for questions, you can use that information to help with the customer’s experience on your site. However, with this bot trend comes some negatives. You don’t want visitors to be turned away by robotic conversations or only automated responses. Integrating bots into the buying process a few times can have a positive impact but don’t rely on bots for the whole buying cycle. This blog post about the good and the bad of chatbots dives deep into their positive possibilities and negative capabilities on your website.

Email marketing

Email marketing is still a strong contender for lead-generation marketing tools. For people who are on your website, include email forms so they can join your email list. These info forms should be short and to the point so they don’t take a lot of time to fill out. When sending out emails to your email list, make sure your emails are mobile-friendly. Most people check emails on their phones, so ensure that your formatting and font-sizes work on a phone screen.

To improve emails, consider adding videos, headings, and updated design. Videos are increasingly becoming more and more valued. People are more likely to watch a video than read that same information. If your content marketing plan includes videos, link these videos in your emails. In addition, breaking up your emails into sections allows the reader to easily skim and decide what applies to them. If they can see what they want to read it increases the chance that they actually will. Invest time into the design of your emails as well. It is important that your email design reflects your company’s brand and focus.

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