6 Quick Tips to Improve Your Writing

Dec 30, 2016

6 Quick Tips to Improve Your WritingThere’s not one facet of your marketing for 2017 that can’t be improved with better, stronger writing. Bold statement? Perhaps, but I’ve found it to be true. Focusing on social campaigns? Writing that packs a punch (and quickly) is the ticket. Improving your SEO? Good writing turns blah meta descriptions into billboards for your brand. Sending out more email newsletters? Improve your writing and your open rate will soar.

And, here’s the thing: improving your writing doesn’t have to be highly intensive. Your writing doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t, actually) be complicated. Simple writing is easy to understand and often speaks more loudly, more boldly to your audience. Leave complicated writing behind and focus on these 6 quick tips to improve your writing in 2017.

6 Quick Tips to Improve Your Writing

1. Write how you speak.

Once upon a time, I was a writing tutor at a college. It boggled my mind that freshmen students, completely comfortable chatting with me beforehand, sounded so stilted when writing. Don’t feel the pressure to sound perfect when you’re writing. Rather, sound like yourself. Your readers will connect with your writing much more strongly when you do.

2. Follow a path.

Don’t jump all around in your writing. Stick to a path that your readers can follow. Otherwise, they’ll get lost.

3. When in doubt, write short sentences.

Sure, the semicolon is nifty, but don’t use it if you’re unsure. The easiest way to write clearly is to write short, strong sentences. Make them short and strong by using action verbs.

4. Write short paragraphs, too.

In this day and age of skimming loads of internet writing, short paragraphs force you, the writer, to stay on task, keeping the reader engaged. One to two sentences will often suffice, but try not to use more than four.

5. Only write what you mean.

Don’t throw in filler sentences. Get rid of all words, sentences, even paragraphs that are unnecessary. They only clog up your writing and bog down the reader.

6. Have a colleague proofread.

Once your eyes have glazed over and you can’t find a single item to revise, hand off your copy to a colleague. He or she will catch things you totally missed, guaranteed. And, if your colleague finds that your writing is simple, yet clear and concise, chances are that your buyer persona will, too.

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