7 Simple Steps to Create a Powerful LinkedIn Company Page

Aug 27, 2014

To kick things off today, we have a couple quick questions for you. First, do you use and understand LinkedIn? What do you usually use LinkedIn for? Do you like how your company is represented on LinkedIn?

Photo Credit: ideagirlmedia via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: ideagirlmedia via Compfight cc

In our experience, LinkedIn confuses a good percentage of its users. We’ve run into plenty of people who have LinkedIn, but haven’t updated it since college graduation 4 years ago. And people who haven’t filled out any information. No information at all. It seems that LinkedIn is shrouded in mystery for more people that one would expect.

We could go into plenty detailed best practices for your personal LinkedIn profile, but today we’re removing the shrouds on one aspect of LinkedIn in particular. We’re focusing on creating a powerful LinkedIn company page for your business. LinkedIn has powerful benefits when used properly, and, lucky for you, it doesn’t take much time at all to set your company’s business page on the fast track to success.

7 Simple Steps to Create a Powerful LinkedIn Company Page

Create a powerful LinkedIn Company Page

Photo Credit: PeterJBellis via Compfight cc

Write out a company overview.

Make it easy for the right people to find your page! Take advantage of SEO and the “Specialties” section.


Upload your logo and banner image.

Imagery is everything, if you hadn’t heard from our previous post. Use it.


Utilize the Careers page.

Attract talent to your company by showcasing your brand and culture.


Utilize the Showcase pages.

Showcase pages are extensions of your main company page designed to spotlight a sub-brand, business unit, or initiative, for example. If you’re Microsoft, you might create a Showcase page for Microsoft Office. See more information at LinkedIn.


Join Featured Groups.

Show the groups you participate in on LinkedIn. Or, better yet, manage a group.  You can add up to three groups per company page. Here’s the step-by-step to add Groups to your page. 


Make company updates. Create a powerful LinkedIn company page

Just like any other social network, expand your reach by updating your page consistently. LinkedIn is a professional community, so share  information that fits your demographic.


Review your page analytics.

What’s working? What isn’t working? Get insight by checking in on your page analytics frequently. Then, based on the results, modify accordingly.


See, that wasn’t so bad, was it? Simple, quick steps to turn your company page into a powerful tool on LinkedIn. Implement these suggestions and let us know when you notice a difference!