7 Ways for Manufacturers to Build SEO Backlinks Through Content

Feb 13, 2019

In last week’s blog post about “On-Site Vs. Off-Site SEO: Key Differences & Benefits of Each,” we briefly mentioned backlinks and their role in off-site SEO. Backlinks have a long and storied history in search engine optimization and a somewhat infamous history as well. More on that later, but for now, know that manufacturers can build SEO backlinks through content. I’m here to tell you how.

7 Ways for Manufacturers to Build SEO Backlinks Through Content

Like we mentioned last week, backlinks are one of the best ways to improve Domain Authority. When a site has numerous high-quality backlinks, the site is perceived as credible in Google’s eyes. Did you notice the “high-quality” in that sentence? That wasn’t always the case.

The Dark Past of Backlinks

In the Wild West day of SEO, back before we knew how important SEO would become to nearly all sites on the World Wide Web, gaining backlinks was as easy as making a purchase on Amazon. Today, we call it “black hat SEO,” but, at the time, a lot of sites were doing it. Read this article on WordStream for more details on black hat SEO. Notice that there’s three or four black hat strategies that specifically pertain to links, including one that states “Link Manipulation (including buying links).”

These days, black hat SEO tactics don’t work. Google’s algorithms are quite a bit more sophisticated than they used to be and can tell when a site has too many spammy backlinks. Thus, it’s the high-quality backlinks that are the key to success.

High-Quality Backlinks

High-quality backlinks are those that come from legitimate sites that are legitimately interested in sending traffic from their own site to another. Remember that article that I sent you to on WordStream? By doing so, I just created a backlink for WordStream. I didn’t send you there because I’m trying to boost WordStream’s Domain Authority. I linked to it because the article backs up the point I’m making and includes additional detail/information that you may be interested in. It’s a prime example of a high-quality backlink. Generally speaking, backlinks happen just like that: organically. But, there’s things you can do to increase the number of SEO backlinks on your manufacturing website. Spoiler: they involve high-quality content.

Building SEO Backlinks Through Content

You many think that, as a manufacturer, there’s no room for additional and ever-growing high-quality content on your site. That’s incorrect. To prove it to you, here’s 7 ways for manufacturers to build SEO backlinks through content.

1. Create Resources as Downloads

When you create a resource for site visitors, they are more likely to link to it – both so that they can find it again and in order to share it with others.

2. Write Long Blog Posts

Aim for 1,500 or even 2,000 words. The longer the blog posts, the more people will link to it, since you’ve filled it up with all sorts of useful information. Read more about the importance of long-form content here.

3. Create Videos

Rich multimedia, like video, is linked to frequently. Post videos on your site that are interesting and informative.

4. Write an FAQ Page

FAQ pages are some of the top-linked pages on a site. Why? Because they’re full of answers to questions that a lot of people are asking. When you dedicate a page to answering these frequently asked questions, you’ll receive backlinks to the answers.

5. Keep Your Home Page Updated and Informative

Your home page will receive the most links. That statement is nearly a given. So, make your home page go to work for you by filling it with high-quality content in a modern design. Users will be more likely to link to a site with a home page like that.

6. Create Case Studies

Case studies generate links, especially when they’re well-designed, easy to read, and (you guessed it) full of high-quality content. Those links go directly to some of your best work, so it’s really a win-win scenario.

7. Write News Releases

Public relations can be a major boon for backlinks. If you have news to report from your company, write a release, post it on your site and share with local news publications. When it gets picked up, you’ll have a backlink from a high Domain Authority website (the news site) and many more viewers checking out the article.

I mentioned “high quality content” a time or two, didn’t I? It’s crucial to backlink-building success. If you’d like help with your content strategy, reach out to RedMoxy. From marketing copy to press releases, we write it all. Learn more here.