7 Ways to Increase Site Traffic

Jun 5, 2019

You’ve developed or re-vamped your site, launched it, and now you’re waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting. How do you get people onto your site? Websites need to be visited by your potential business connections. Read on to investigate 7 ways to increase site traffic.

7 Ways to Increase Site Traffic

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing keeps in touch with your existing customers. This is a helpful tool to keep your customers coming back on your site. Sending emails with links to offers on your website or links to posts on your website engages those connected with you. Since they already know and trust you, your email list is helpful to draw on for site traffic. Email marketing needs to be strategic, however. You don’t want to overwhelm or annoy your contacts with a constant avalanche of information from you. Reaching out consistently and carefully will engage, but not disengage, your existing pool of contacts. This article covers the basics of email marketing, so refer to it before you begin an email marketing campaign.

  • Mobile optimization

Making your website mobile friendly is vital. Mobile optimization is one of the main factors in accessibility for internet searches. Many people use their phones to look things up so ensuring that your website works well on phones will increase traffic overall. If someone is Googling on their phone and clicks on your site but can’t navigate it, you’ve lost their visit and their connection. On the other hand, if they land on your website and can use it easily they’ll be engaged traffic, likely to return.

  • SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important ways to increase site traffic. Making sure you have an SEO strategy and that you’re keeping up the management of it is vital for people to find your site. This article will update you on SEO news for 2019 to look into before reviewing your website’s SEO. Applicably, mobile optimization is a key factor for SEO this year.

  • Target long-tail keywords

If you plan to target short-tail keywords, your business will have a harder time fighting to the top of search engine results. On the other hand, if you focus on long-tail keywords there will be a smaller pool of results to compete with. This also comes with the bonus of more topic-specific visitors. When these visitors land on your site, there’s a higher probability that they will stick around, as they are committed and interested in your specific products, services, and information. In addition, with voice-to-text searching being used more and more, people’s searches tend to be very specific. Your long-tail keywords will hit the ball out of the park with these internet searches.

  • Advertising

This one is possibly the most obvious, but, advertising increases site traffic. Advertising through sites like Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook could bring people onto your site. You’ll have to decide how much time and money your business wants to put into ads. This article will help you figure out how much you should spend on Google ads. In addition, advertising through word of mouth or personal connections is a natural way to bring awareness (and traffic) to your website. Plus, word of mouth advertising is free!

  • Video content

Video content is amping up in popularity. People are more likely to watch videos than they are to read the same content written out. Producing video content that links back to your website will increase traffic on your site. Referencing back to the SEO section above—videos also need to be optimized with SEO in mind. Video content is helpful because it captures people’s attention as they are scrolling. Once you have their attention, you can direct viewers to your website.

  • Analytic awareness

Finally, pay attention to your analytics. Keep updated on what is working for your website and what isn’t. There’s no need to pour time and resources into areas or techniques that don’t benefit you. Increased traffic on your website happens when you try techniques and find out what works for your own business.

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