9 Tips to Boost Your Online Presence

Apr 1, 2020

In this online world we’ve now entered, building your company’s online presence is more and more vital. Here’s a list of 9 tips to boost your online presence.

9 Tips to Boost Your Online Presence

1. Utilize your tools.

To fully optimize your online presence, use all the tools available to you! This blog post breaks down some of the best digital tools to use. The 10 tools listed are:

  • Brainstorming strategies
  • A social media scheduling platform (such as Hootsuite)
  • An email scheduling platform (such as Mailchimp)
  • Blog writing support (such as the Hemingway Editor)
  • SEO support (such as Moz)
  • Digital marketing information
  • Website analytic tracking
  • Design support (like Canva)
  • Human focus
  • Teamwork

Read the full blog post for more explanations on each of these tools, but the above list is a good way to dip your toe into the water.

2. Expand your platforms.

Right now is a great opportunity (provided you have the time and resources) to expand your social media platforms. If you only have a Facebook page or only a LinkedIn, take this opportunity to reach a larger audience by creating a Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest account. Diversifying audience and content over each platform grows the impact of a social media strategy exponentially. 

3. Focus on the humans behind the screens.

Especially now, a personal focus is very important! Your audience should feel seen, heard, and appreciated. Keep a focus on them throughout your social communications.

4. Tag/keyword your content.

If you have some extra time around the home office, go through your content and check to see if it’s tagged with applicable and targeted keywords. Take some time to go through your older videos and pages on your website. Add targeted keywords where applicable.

5. Focus on user experience.

This ties into the #3 tip above—focusing on your customers as people leads to focusing on their experiences. Try to streamline their digital user experiences so that they can easily follow your content, browse your website, and utilize your services. If you’ve implemented new online functions at this time, test them out to make sure they work smoothly and are easy for a new user to figure out.

6. Create a cohesive brand identity.

Across your (maybe new) platforms, create a cohesive look with your colors, typefaces, and logos. This doesn’t mean that all your socials need to look the same, but just make sure they work together as a team.

7. Speed test, speed test, speed test.

This is a tip you’ll find almost everywhere because it’s so important. Test the loading speed on your pages (especially your website and blog pages). If the pages don’t load fast, the visitor won’t stick around to see your content. Compress images and graphics if necessary to improve the loading speed.

8. Stay active.

As your social and website audience grows, keep up with your followers. This can mean sending out a consistent email newsletter for your business contacts. It could also be a more casual venue of communication like liking and responding to comments on your social media accounts. Whatever form it takes, keep engaged with your followers.

9. Break down your technical content.

If you’re writing a blog or producing infographics for your socials, remember to break down technical content. Since you don’t know what level of knowledge your visitors will be looking at your content with, make sure that it is understandable to someone who doesn’t know the ins and outs of the field. For more information on this tip, refer to this blog post.

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