A Beginner’s Guide to SEO

Jun 3, 2015

Milwaukee SEO agencySEO can be an obscure and downright nasty topic to marketing directors who just don’t have the time sit down and learn its intricacies. The rules seem to be constantly changing and growing ever-more confusing, the tools and trends are non-stop and impossible to keep up with, and employing reliable and consistent SEO talent can be near hopeless. Today, we’re taking a step back. We’re answering questions like…What are the essentials for SEO? What does SEO even stand for? In short, we’re writing a beginner’s guide to SEO. 

A Beginner’s Guide to SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the act of improving a website so that search engines (i.e. Google) understands the type of content available on the site, therefore ranking it higher in search results.

SEO is improved through the regular and continuous addition of optimized content focused on a number of strategized keywords. As your company creates content for social media, blogs, newsletters and the like, it is a good SEO strategy to do so with long tail keywords in mind. Though they receive less search traffic, long tail keywords are easier to rank for.

Keywords should be integrated into the following areas of your website:

Body content

Alt tags

Meta Descriptions



Page Titles

SEO isn’t about keyword smashing anymore…it’s about focusing on valuable, strategized content topics and the material supporting those topics. It’s about being valuable to your audience. Learn more about RedMoxy as Milwaukee’s SEO agency by clicking here. Like we say there, having a strong Milwaukee SEO partner will provide perhaps the most substantial improvement to your company’s inbound marketing efforts and lead generation.

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