Advertising as a Manufacturing Company

Dec 5, 2018

In many of our previous blogs, we’ve discussed ways to make your business better known to the public and specifically to your target market. After delving into the world of SEO and into various types of marketing plans, we have to take a look into the concept of advertising. There are more risks to be aware of when embarking on an advertising campaign than, say, an email marketing campaign. Although it can take more time and effort, well-crafted advertisements can work wonders for your company. We’ll now discuss the benefits and tips to successful advertising as well as the possible pitfalls to avoid when thinking about an advertising campaign.


Keeping the focus on your consumer is what needs to be in line with every other aspect of the advertising campaign or specific advertisement. Sometimes, advertisements can sound too good to be true. Perhaps a business puts an ad on TV offering 0% interest on a vehicle. The consumer thinks it’s a great deal, takes a trip to the dealership, and attempts to capitalize on the offer only to find out the many limitations to it. She finds out it is 0% for just six months, only for consumers with a certain credit score, and only to the first several buyers who came in. The dealership defends itself by saying it was in the fine print, but the damage is done, and the consumer leaves feeling cheated because the dealership was only trying to get people through their doors. Instead, create an ad that focuses on consumer benefits. When they follow up, be consistent with the advertisement messaging and then offer a discount the next time they purchase from you to convince them your business is consumer-focused and transparent.

Use advertising effectively to separate from competitors

Be Original

This could go a lot of ways depending on the product being advertised, but everyone is used to the basic ads: spokesperson stands with the product and introduces it while the consumer loses interest and focus. Instead, show the product in use. Explain how it will help the consumer save money in the long-run. Clearly state why it’s the best in the market and why it is superior to competitors’ products. Anyone can make an advertisement, but it takes a special one to make consumers think of your brand the next time they need the products you can deliver.

 Be Creative

Make it funny, lighthearted, or happy sounding. You may hear several advertisements on the radio or on TV that just seem forced. You can clearly tell that all the content is being read from a script and you get the sense that recording this advertisement was the last task they had to get checked off the list before heading out for a week-long vacation. These ads are better off not being made public because consumers will think you’re just advertising for advertising’s sake. Have a genuine smile and keep a lively tone, even on the radio. Consumers know who’s being genuine and who’s not. Show that you’re passionate about your advertisement to give off confidence and positive appeal toward your company.

Things to Look out For

While keeping the above information in mind, make sure to avoid making these critical advertising mistakes.

Losing Message Focus

Sometimes companies will get too creative in their advertising approach to the point where the product being shown or even the company being promoted is lost. This can be a huge waste of company resources.

The Ad is Too General

You may have developed an awesome advertisement that’s funny, informational, creative, but if it doesn’t zero in on a clear target audience, it’ll become less likely to have its intended effect. Different advertisements from the same company may be created depending on the market you’re targeting, so make sure messaging is pertinent to the one you’ve defined for the ad.

Inconsistent Advertising

This doesn’t mean your company needs to create an original advertisement every week, but in general, consumers may find it odd that you’ve randomly released one that is incredibly differentiated from your usual ads. Create an ad and then continue to build off it with similar ones at a consistent rate to help your company maintain its intended brand image.

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