B2B: How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads

Jun 25, 2020

B2B companies, how do you use LinkedIn to generate leads? Last summer, we posted a blog post about what it takes to succeed as a B2B company on LinkedIn. The main action points were to:

  • Optimize your page.
  • Post consistently.
  • Post high-quality content.
  • Utilize connections.

These action steps are a great way to grow and engage with the LinkedIn community. The next step is to generate leads through your LinkedIn community. Read on for how to do just that—generate quality leads through LinkedIn.

B2B: How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads

Include imagery.

First, to catch the visitors’ eye, utilize high quality imagery and graphics. If you are posting an update or an article, always include a relevant graphic or image. This breaks up a text-heavy scroll and thus catches the eye. If someone has liked or reposted your post, a quality image/graphic will improve the rate at which people see your content and click on your page.

Describe with detail.

Once the visitor is on your B2B company page (brought to the page by your amazing use of graphics of course), they’ll need a direct reason to stay. The first place I look, when visiting a company’s page on LinkedIn is their “About” page. This is where the company’s description lives.

This is the place to quickly wow your audience with how relevant to their lives and business your company is. To do this, include direct address to your target audience. Also include a call to action: an invite to connect and convert.

Target your searches.

The beauty of LinkedIn is how specific you can make your searches and posts. You can tailor job searches, industry searches, and connection searches to your intended audience. Some details you can tailor are: industry, company size, job title, job function, and job seniority. With searches this specific, the connections that you make and the pages you reach out to have a higher chance of wanting to connect and learn about your company and services. Specificity is the name of the game here.

Join groups.

This step is a simple tool for networking (which leads to lead conversion down the line). If you join groups in your industry, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with, learn from, and teach those who are involved in your field. This will build thought leadership status as well as grow your network.

Keep update-ing.

Keep up with regular, consistent, and reliable updates to your page. Posting LinkedIn updates keeps your audience engaged. They also can tell you’re reliable and scheduled when you keep your content consistent. To quote myself, in the earlier article about succeeding at LinkedIn as a B2B company. . .

“. . . If your pages are dry and empty as a desert, visitors won’t have any information to use. It follows that if you post content consistently, your customers will have plenty about your company to look at. Posting once a day is usually suggested. However, if you can’t swing once a day, just choose a posting schedule and stick to it. Consistency is key.”

If your content is consistent, it should also be click-able. This means that your updates should lead somewhere. The importance of this is clear: to generate leads, your consistent content needs to lead to something. This is preferably to your website but could also be to other industry-specific thought leaders and content creators.

Connect with current clients.

To further generate leads, connect with your current clients. This’ll grow your network naturally and organically. Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to generate leads, so connecting with current clients will boost this option for your company. This is also a nice way to stay in touch and updated with your clients.

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