3 Tips for Success in B2B Marketing

Dec 19, 2018

The idea of marketing has become an incredibly fascinating topic of discussion in the business world within the last couple of decades. Businesses have put a huge emphasis on the importance of convincing consumers they need their products and services. What comes to mind when “marketing” comes up? Oftentimes, people confuse the subject with advertising, and although the two often overlap, there are distinct, critical differences. B2C marketing is likely more noticeable or obvious because we can see it in action when we go to the store or load our Facebook page. What potentially goes more unnoticed, however, is the marketing that goes on between businesses. As a manufacturer, you already know that B2B marketing is essential to business success. Let’s go over some additional B2B marketing tips that can help you secure an edge within your market.


You’ve heard it all before: a website that stands apart is crucial for business success in an increasingly digital age. Yes, but specifically for B2B marketing, your website needs to show how you specialize within your market. There are so many businesses out there within a given market that are looking to build lasting partnerships with businesses such as your own. Even if your website is visually appealing, helpful, has working links to your social media pages, etc., outside businesses need to be convinced that you have more potential than other competitors offering similar products. After all, website improvement and development has been a point of emphasis for a while. Include graphics showing that your numbers are up and projected to last. Ask for referrals from current businesses who can vouch for your business’s integrity. Beginning a working relationship with outside businesses is a major professional and financial decision, and this can be the information that helps your business to stand out from competitors.

Think “Funnel”

A great strategy for continual B2B marketing success is the funnel approach. An excellent graphic visually depicting the strategy is shown here. You first start out by thinking of which businesses could possibly be of interest to yours. This may be a massive number, but that’s okay because your targeting becomes more precise in the second stage. Here, reach out to specific potential clients that make the most sense and have the most potential. Chances are, these same businesses are also in search of ones like yours that can help meet their own needs. Once you gauge interest in the second level, you can be confident by taking it one step further and offering your products. If you stay committed to maintaining a healthy, working relationship with these clients, you’ll have a good chance of them referring your business to outsiders.


Once you’ve secured a good number of clients, great! But don’t forget the most important step: staying in contact with them. A business may purchase from one company in 2018 but break away in 2019 for some reason, such as changing market trends or general dissatisfaction. The business world shifts and adjusts constantly, so this means your business must do the same. Stay in consistent contact with your clients. Ask them what about your products or services could be improved. Find out what their goals are in the upcoming future and do your best to align your capabilities with them. Even if the partnership doesn’t have a future, you can at least be a peace knowing you worked with them and were transparent communicators. Other businesses will appreciate this and remember your one.

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