Beginner’s Guide to Marketing for Manufacturers

Jul 2, 2018

67% of manufacturing marketers blame not enough time devoted to content marketing to stagnant success over the last year.

If you haven’t seen the increase in business that you were hoping to, let’s build from the ground up. Here are a few things that will help you create a rock solid marketing campaign:

Beginner’s Guide to Marketing for Manufacturers

1. Log Your Analytics

It is impossible for you to gauge your success if you don’t have tangible facts to point back to. You may feel that you are not seeing an increase in web traffic, but you won’t know that for sure until you look at the numbers and find out.

Data can be intimidating, and it certainly takes a bit of time to analyze. That’s where a marketing agency can come into play. We can sift through the data to get a better idea of where the problems with numbers lie.

2. Build Up Your Website Content

When we help manufacturers (or anyone for that matter!) build new websites and amp up their marketing efforts, one the first things we do is look at the website content of our client. Most times the content is good, but could use more detail to make it even better.

cover-4Content marketing is essential for manufacturing, and current marketing trends for manufacturers are moving to this kind of campaigning. Because there are so many different strands of manufacturing, it is important that your website is clear about the skills that you have. Plus, those looking for the aid of a manufacturer may have something specific in mind and will want to know if you can or cannot fulfill their needs.

Content marketing does this. When you share the skills that you have, where you fit in the industry, where your specialities lie, what details people should know about doing business with you, where you are located, etc. it gives the reader an idea of what doing business with you would be like without having to pick up the phone or drive to an office. Your goal is to make people feel comfortable with your business before you even meet them. That’s how you get your edge on your competition.

Another reason content marketing is so great is that it helps your SEO.

3. Optimize Your Website

To show people what you can do, you will need content. To show a search engine what you can do, you will need keywords. Search Engine Optimization is a slow and steady, but very necessary, way to boost your marketing efforts.

There are many layers that play into SEO including choosing the right keywords, optimizing alt text, linking web pages, etc. Writing content is much like a sprint. You can usually do it pretty efficiently and post it immediately. SEO, on the other hand, is like years of marathons. It takes regular updates and attention to detail, but the pay-off can end directly in new clients.

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