Best Social Media Platforms to Use for Your Company

Feb 24, 2022

Our lives are run by social media. Whether you post updates on Facebook or watch videos on TikTok, social media is integrated in your life in some form or fashion. In order to help your company reach its target audience, you need to communicate in a form they will easily access and understand. Social media provides this platform. Here are five of the best social media platforms to use for your company.


Facebook continues to evolve since it was launched. From starting as a way to connect with friends online to now servicing businesses, there are many tools Facebook provides its users. If your target audience is middle-aged and above, Facebook is definitely a social media platform you should be using. However, don’t discount millennials or younger generations from using Facebook either. Many still have accounts and will use it for networking or their own businesses. Having a Facebook page with information about what your company does, the services it offers, and how to get in touch are all good public relations strategies. Promoting your brand image and values are key to building a solid reputation in the business world and will also put your company on the map. All in all, Facebook provides a way to market your products and services, promote your brand, and communicate with current and potential consumers.


Similar to Facebook, Instagram works well for marketing products and services, promoting your brand, and communicating with your publics. However, Instagram has different tools you can use to do so. Instagram posts themselves are more visual as they always include a picture and a short caption. Posting striking and brand promoting images will draw your audience in. If there is an event your company is hosting and you don’t want to overwhelm your followers’ feed, you can use Instagram stories. The 24 hour timeline is perfect for showcasing information during the events that will not be relevant days or weeks later. Taking after TikTok, Instagram reels are also popular. These short videos are the perfect place to place advertisements and promote your company. 


TikTok has overrun the social media world. If you are targeting a younger audience, TikTok is the route to take. With 15 second videos and an algorithm supplying users with relevant content, TikTok makes easy, consumable communication. You can create advertisements that appear as users log in or as they scroll through the stream of videos. Creating your own account and videos is another marketing strategy. Pay attention to what is trending and then incorporate that into your marketing strategies. While some trends may seem silly, users will more likely see your content because they are interested in those trends. 


Whether or not your company is looking to hire new workers, LinkedIn can be a useful marketing tool. This social media platform is drastically different from platforms like Instagram and TikTok. LinkedIn provides communication in a professional setting for networking purposes. By having a LinkedIn profile for your company, you will be able to promote the company itself as well as make connections with other organizations. You also will be able to observe your competition and how they promote themselves and their services. Ultimately, LinkedIn serves to help form connections with like minded companies and individuals, and by being a part of LinkedIn, you will be able to take advantage of these professional connections.


Pinterest is one of the most visual social media platforms. It also is a strategic marketing tool. Many users log into Pinterest thinking they will merely look at their interests and add them to one of their boards. However, this simple “look and not purchase” thinking quickly turns into, “I am going to purchase this product.” How does this happen? Pinterest services companies and their promotions subtly through striking images. Once an image catches a user’s eye, you have their attention, and from there, you will be able to market products more easily.

Search engine optimization also comes into play with Pinterest. discusses how using Pinterest will improve your ranking. If you use your keywords correctly, your pins with those keywords will appear when people search for that topic. Once they see your pin, there is a higher likelihood they will look at your website, thus boosting your overall company promotion and web traffic.

There are other social media platforms you can use besides the five highlighted in this post. The key takeaway here is to use the platform that will best reach and service your audience. Whether it be through Facebook posts and LinkedIn connections or Instagram reels and Pinterest boards, find the social media platforms and strategies that will best service your company’s needs. Want to learn more about social media marketing strategies? Connect with us! RedMoxy would love to discuss how we can boost your social media marketing.