Blog Writing: How to Keep Writing Compelling Content

Jul 12, 2022

While blog writing can be fun and spark creativity, it can be challenging to keep writing compelling content. Writer’s block affects everyone from time to time. How, then, can you avoid falling into a writing slump? Below are a few ways to jolt creativity back into your blog writing and keep writing compelling content.

Blog Writing: Go Back to Basics

It is best practice to go back to basics when struggling with writer’s block. If you try to push through and overcomplicate your writing, you will only frustrate yourself more. Most times, the issues with your writing are stemming from problems with those basic principles.

Who is your audience?

Understanding your audience is one of the most important aspects of writing. If you do not understand who you are writing to and why, your writing will become aimless and less impactful. To avoid this, go back to your audience and remind yourself of who they are, what they want and how to communicate best with them.

Refreshing yourself on your audience will provide the clarity you need to begin the blog writing process. While this may seem like a simple or unnecessary step, going back to the source of why you are writing will improve your focus.

What can you add to the conversation that’s different?

Now that you understand the goals of your blog, you can begin to strategize how to reach those goals.

It seems as if almost every organization has a blog offering their expertise. How, then, can you make your blog stand out from the rest? The simplest answer is to be different. Think about what you can add to the conversation. Look at an age-old topic from a different perspective and run with it. It can be tiring to write and read the same content over and over again. If you’re bored writing it, chances are your readers will feel the same way reading it.

So, have fun with your writing! Get excited about finding a new angle for your blog or a creative topic. You’ll be surprised how much better your blog writing will become when you invest your own interest and creativity in it.

Blog Writing: Add Some Spice

Now that we’ve taken it back to basics, it’s time to add some spice to your blog posts. One of the best parts about blogs is that you can let your personality and writing style shine even when writing for your company’s brand. Not only does this humanize your brand, but it also helps break down difficult topics as you write in a fun and understandable format.

What angle can you take?

While blog writing and news article writing are completely different formats and styles, it can be helpful to approach your blog posts from a journalist’s perspective. Ask yourself, “What is the angle of this story?” and “What would make this blog newsworthy?”. Asking these questions can help see if you are on the right track when deciding what to write and how to approach the topic.

How can you make a lasting impression?

One of the goals of having a blog for your company is to bring in new customers and expand the company’s reach. Being able to create a lasting impression with readers is critical to growing your blog’s readers and organization’s connections.

Steve Lazuka recommends having a clear viewpoint, writing conversationally, having attention-grabbing headlines and using inspirational conclusions to woo your readers in his article, “How to Write the Perfect Business Blog Post,” at Entrepreneur. Having an eye-catching title with clearly communicated content will work to both grab and hold your readers’ attention. Lazuka also suggests writing interesting and relevant content in an easily digestible way to bring in your readers into the conversation.

Lazuka also recommends making your conclusion as important as your introduction. How can you do this? Make sure your conclusion both wraps up the content and inspires readers to take action, says Lazuka.

Blog writing has its challenges but don’t be afraid to dive in and have fun with it. Sometimes you need to go back to basics to reframe and focus your content. In doing so, you will be sure to reach your audience and keep your content compelling.

So, when writing your next blog post, remember those basic writing principles and add some spice to your writing! Your company and readers will appreciate seeing your style and voice shine through the content.

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