Blogging: Establishing Industry-Related Authority

Sep 16, 2016

So then, how can your business blog begin establishing industry-related authority? Read on to find out. Blogging has numerous benefits, one of which being the ability to establish yourself as an industry-related authority on a topic. When a business’s blog asserts its authority on an industry-related topic, they can become a go-to resource. So then, how can your business blog begin establishing industry-related authority? Read on to find out. 

Establishing Industry-Related Authority

It is important for corporate blogs to, firstly, show that they are a reliable source by posting in-depth articles or resources on a consistent basis. When a blog only has a new post every couple of months, the reliability of that blog could be questioned. And when a blog can’t be trusted, then a visitor might be less likely to follow through with buying a product or converting a submission. However, posting a spectacular, one-of-a-kind post once a month could work in your favor. Quality over quantity!

In addition to being consistent and qualitative, a corporate blog should occasionally post an in-depth article that may span a few thousand words to solidify their reputation. The in-depth article should be specific and informative, while still being efficient with your words and language to convey the information easily. Striking a nice balance between industry-related jargon and everyday language is important for engaging viewers that might otherwise not know much about the topic at hand, but would like to learn.

An easy and clear way to show your corporate authority is to publish case studies. Posting about something that your business has done that has worked is a sure-fire way to convince viewers that you know what you’re doing. This doesn’t mean, however, that you don’t report your failures. A “failure” isn’t necessarily a failure either; it is simply a learning experience that you gained important knowledge from for use in the future.

A corporate blog is an effective way to establish authority in their industry when done correctly. Posting quality content consistently with the occasional case-study and in-depth article will have you on your way to becoming a plethora of knowledge in your industry that viewers will trust. Trust is the first step toward a successful interaction with viewers and customers. Use it to begin establishing industry-related authority in your blogs in 2016 and beyond.