Brand Development: Tips to Grow Your Brand Awareness

Apr 28, 2022

What is the one thing that represents your entire company? This question can be answered simply with, your brand. Branding is key to having a successful business as it dictates what narrative of your company the customers see. Branding is all around us as it infiltrates our lives. Many times people even associate their identity with the brands they like. From phone brands to clothing brands to even the infamous Midwest gas station brand, Kwik Trip, people need brand awareness to connect with companies and their products. Below are three tips to boost your brand development and awareness.

Implement Your Brand Personality

How can creating a brand personality help further develop my brand?

Every brand needs a brand personality. While it may seem strange to attach the term “personality” to a company, this is one of the best strategies to grow your brand awareness. People want to form a connection to your brand. Therefore, you need to humanize your company and its brand. If you do not, you risk coming across as cold and uncaring to your target public.

How, then, do you create a brand personality? First, look at your company and figure out what traits or values you want to highlight. You want to think more abstractly here as your brand’s personality will be more effective if connects with customers’ values. Once you know what these values are, then you can integrate them into your branding strategy. Consider having a mascot or a sponsor to represent those values. Having something concrete like a mascot or influencer tied to your brand can only help as there will be a physical representation of those values.

To implement your brand personality, integrate it into your marketing and public relations strategies. This personality should be used in every content you write and post. Consistency is key here as this personality should represent your entire company. If it does not, your customers will be confused and will not know what values you do and do not represent.

Tell a Story

How can telling a story help my brand development and increase brand awareness?

One of the best ways to implement your brand personality is the tell a story. In Allie Decker’s article, “The Ultimate Guide to Brand Awareness,” at HubSpot she talks about how storytelling both humanizes your brand and gives it depth. She goes on to talk about how writing a narrative can provide your brand with authenticity, so make sure you are being truthful in your storytelling.

By implementing these principles, you will be able to draw customers and form a connection with them. Everyone loves a good story. So, take the time to craft a narrative for your company and share your story with the world of consumers.

Create Shareable Content

How will creating shareable content help further the development of my brand?

In the age of FaceBook, everyone wants to share everything. However, this can only help grow your branding. Allie Decker also talks about making your content shareable in her article. She discusses how effective word-of-mouth marketing is, so by making your content shareable online and through social media, you will be able to capitalize on consumers doing the heavy lifting.

This also could kick-start your company trending on social media. If enough people share your content or if someone with influence shares it, your brand awareness will skyrocket. Also, making your content easy to share is not taxing on your end. By doing this simple step, you can sit back and relax while customers promote your brand. Of course, this should not be your only strategy but, this is a great way to involve your customers in your company.

Brand development should always be on your company’s mind. It is vital to look at both areas you excel and can improve in. In order to boost your brand image, implement your brand voice, tell a story, and create shareable content.

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