Brand Writing: Creating and Executing Your Brand Personality

May 12, 2022

Brand writing encompasses many aspects of your company. From marketing and sales to public relations, you are consistently communicating your brand to your target publics. In order to communicate as effectively as you can, create a brand personality that will resonate with your public. Below are four ways to improve your brand writing through creating and executing your brand personality.

Evaluate Your Company and Your Publics

What role does evaluating my company and audience play in brand writing?

When writing for your brand, one of the first aspects to consider is your brand personality. How, then, do you approach creating this? The first step is to analyze your company and your target publics. Look at your mission and vision statements. Pull out words that describe your company’s values and goals. These words will be the baseline of finding your brand voice.

You should also analyze your target audience. Think about what they are looking for in a company and how you are currently serving them. Emphasize these traits in order to best cater your messaging to them. The values of your company should closely align with your target audience. While it does not need to be completely the same, your values and your public’s values should be tangential to each other as you have that company to consumer relationship.

Find Your Voice

How does my company’s voice influence brand writing?

Once you have evaluated your company and your target publics, then you can start creating your brand voice. Having a cohesive voice is vital to an effective brand personality. 

Caroline Forsey discusses The Journal of Marketing Research, and how Jennifer Aaker outlines five main brand personality dimensions you can use in Forsey’s article, “What is a Brand Personality, According to Marketers Who’ve Developed Them,” at HubSpot. She says that these five dimensions, according to Aaker, are: sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication, and ruggedness. Forsey goes on to discuss how these dimensions are a great starting point for finding your brand personality. Of course, you will have other words that represent your brand, but these are the five main categories that your company will likely fall in.

Once you have a list of adjectives that define your company, you can then integrate them into your brand writing voice. Emphasize those values in your content and make sure your tone matches what is being communicated. Once you have your brand voice, creating your brand personality is all the more easier.

Choose the Correct Channels

What channels best showcase my brand personality?

Now that you have a brand voice, you can begin to fully implement your brand personality. Forsey discusses in her article how once you have a brand personality, you should create a brand style guide for your company. This will help you maintain consistency and decide on what channels to use.

When deciding what channels to use when implementing your brand personality, think back to your audience. You should be promoting your company on the platforms that your audience frequents. While the tone of your brand voice may switch from being more professional on your website to a little informal on social media, make sure you are promoting the same overall message and image of your company. Choosing the correct channels is one of the more effective ways to know that your communication is relevant and reaches your audience.

Be Consistent

Why is consistency vital to effective brand writing?

Consistency is key to effective brand writing. If you do not consistently use your brand personality, your audience will become confused. They will not understand what you are trying to communicate. Therefore, stay consistent in all your communication, whether written or visual. This will also add to your credibility as you will present a unified front to your audience. No one wants mixed messaging, so it is imperative that you stay consistent in your branding.

Creating and implementing a brand personality is necessary for successful brand writing. Analyzing your company and publics, finding your voice, choosing the correct channels, and being consistent are four of the best strategies for effective brand writing.

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