Branding Your Visuals

Sep 26, 2016

A photo by Sarah Dorweiler. this increasingly digital age, consumers expect to be visually stimulated everywhere they look, including your company’s website and marketing materials. We know how quickly social networks such as Instagram and even Pinterest are growing. Social media content is primarily visual content. Even if a post has text, it often includes a photograph to reinforce the point being made and to grab the attention of the viewer.

Branding Your Visuals

Photo posts have been shown to perform better and receive more interaction than text posts, according to a study by Socialbakers. The study states that images on Facebook constitute 93% of the most engaging posts compared with status updates, links, and even video. This displays the importance of strong visual content in most if not all of your posts. The cliche of a picture being worth a thousand words may actually be true. Consider it showing rather than telling. Of course, you would not want to throw up any picture just because it looked nice and call it a day. Each and every visual should reflect the company image and culture, capturing the essence of your brand. 

Here are 4 ways to brand your visuals so that they will best represent your company and catch the attention of your customers.

1. Choose a color scheme

Consistency is key. One place to start is by looking at the colors in your logo. You could pick complementary colors from the color wheel to pair with your logo. Every color has a different mood, so think about the types of feelings that you are trying to evoke with that particular photo. A bright color versus a pastel tone can trigger a completely different reaction from the viewer.

2. Consider using a template

Once again, this will add to the continuity of your posts. If you use a template, then your logo will always be in the same place, the font will be consistent, and the posts will have uniformity rather than appearing haphazard. Only the actual imagery and any text will change from post to post.

3. Understand the platform

An image that looks great on Facebook may not be as effective on Instagram. It may look too much like an advertisement, or simply may not translate well. Twitter is fast and casual, Facebook works for almost any type of post, and Instagram is your chance to bring out that beautiful, crystal clear photography. Look at popular accounts on each platform for inspiration, and tailor your own content appropriately.

4. Keep your vision at the center of everything

What is the heart and soul of your brand? This is what every visual should attempt to convey. Establish an overall message or mission and keep it in the back of your mind whenever putting together social media content or any type of marketing visual.

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