How to Build Your Brand with a Facebook Page

Aug 23, 2017

We love using social media to build a brand. It is inexpensive, very effective, and any company can implement it. We want your business to have a killer Facebook page. Here are our tips on how you can build your brand with a Facebook Page and get more exposure.

Build Your Brand: Building a Fanbase

Invite Your Friends

How to Build Your Brand with a Facebook Page - RedMoxy CommunicationsWhile you are in the process of building your Facebook fanbase, it can be a really great idea to invite the friends you have on your personal page to like your business’s page. View this almost like a cold call. You aren’t going to know if people will follow your business or not if you don’t just gopher it.

Having your friends connect with your business’s page can also help you get people to interact with your posts. If your friends are liking your post or sharing it, you interactions are going to go up and that can help your business spread its message better. You just increased your reach!

Invite Those Who Liked the Shared Post

Let’s say your friend shared your business’s post, and her/his friends “liked” the post. Those likes are the ones you need to pay attention to. Invite those people to like your page. They may have interest in what your business offers! They will likely be more qualified leads than just random friends of friends.

Follow the Competition

When it comes to social media, it is a great idea to connect with and interact with your competition. First of all, you’ll want to know what strategies they are using. Even more than that, though, if you are interacting with their posts their fanbase will notice your page. Now, your purpose shouldn’t necessarily be to get their fans to notice you. You should be genuine with your engagements. But, hey! if their fans decide to be fans of your page, we aren’t complaining!

This is also a great idea because you can start building a relationship with your competition. Co-branding and collaborations can be extremely beneficial for both parties, so why not move things in that direction?

Welcome Your Current Customers/Clients

Let’s be real, the easiest way to connect with qualified leads is going to be connecting with the qualified leads you already have. Make sure that they are aware that your page exists so that they can follow your business’s goings-on. You can link buttons on your website, send an update in your email newsletter, post about your page on other social media platforms, etc. Just get the word out so people know where to find your page!

Bonus tip: And be sure that you changed your Facebook page’s URL so that it is easy to find!

Build Your Brand: Tips on Posting Facebook Content

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Be Professional, But Personal

Be aware of the image that you are portraying, and be classy. Don’t lose all personality, though. People like brands that are humanized.

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Make Your Posts Public

Be sure that anyone skimming your page can see what you are all about. This is going to make it less intimidating for people who want to connect with your business on Facebook. You are going to need to change your post settings, though. Be sure that you specify that only you can add content to your timeline. You don’t want people adding pictures or posts to your timeline that you did not approve of. Also, be sure that you change tagging settings so that you have to approve of tags before they are live on your timeline. Again, you don’t want to wake up one morning and be surprised with an inappropriate or angry post from a follower.

Tag People

If you are posting pictures that people are in, be sure that you are tagging people. You can reach their friends if you do this, and they can find the pictures of them faster if they are tagged. Double whammy! Do not tag people if they are not in the pictures. Do not tag people if just the side of their arm is in a picture. Just don’t. Trust us on this one.

Increase Your Engagement

Be sure that you are active on your Facebook. Like people’s comments and posts, and be sure that you are responding to as many relevant comments as you can. People need to know that social media is a platform they can use to connect with you if they have questions or concerns. Not to mention that increasing your engagement can inadvertently increase your reach.

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Always Post with Pictures

If you want eyes on your posts, start posting pictures. That is a sure fire way to get people to notice what you are doing. They do much better than posts that are simply words.

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Post to Instagram, Share to Facebook

If you can, post your pictures on your Instagram first and then share them to Facebook. Facebook’s algorithm rewards posts from Instagram (even more than posts that were posted directly to Facebook) by promoting those posts.

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Beware of the Time You are Posting

Facebook promotes posts that get lots of likes in a short amount of time by moving them up on people’s feeds. This means that if you are posting at a time when lots of people are on Facebook and they like your post, you are going to appear on more people’s feeds. Make sense?

Add Tabs

To make your page more user friendly, add tabs to your Facebook page. Adding a landing tab and putting a welcome video on it is a great way to get people interested in what you are posting.

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Remember that you aren’t going to build your brand in a day. This is a slow, steady process. You will see progress if you are slow and steady, though. If you have questions, comments, etc. please reach out to us here. We are experts in digital marketing, and we would love to help you.