Build Your Email List

Oct 17, 2016

email-2Your email list inevitably shrinks each year as people choose to opt-out or have a change of email address. The number of your email subscribers most likely decreases about 22.5% each year. Purchasing email lists is not the right approach. You want subscribers who will actually be interested in your content and company. Just like the rest of your business, your email list should be growing instead of faltering. It is worth the effort! Follow these 10 tips to build up your email list.

Build Your Email List

1. Create valuable content

This may seem obvious, but one of the most important factors of maintaining and attracting subscribers is creating material that your audience will find entertaining and informative.

2. Encourage sharing

Within the actual email, make it simple for readers to pass it on to others. You may consider a share button that performs this function for them. Also include a noticeable subscribe button so that the individuals who got the shared email can receive future emails directly in their inbox.

 3. Use offers

Give online users a resource or a tool in exchange for their email address. Any subscribers gained through this method will more often that not be interested in your field and will be receptive to your content.

4. Promote through social media

If you do choose to feature an offer on your website, promote it on your social media accounts to increase traffic.

5. Host an online contest

It does not have to be a huge giveaway – just enough to attract attention. Require an email address to enter into the contest.

6. Offer discounts

Offering discounts that are specific to subscribers only will provide incentive.

7. Create segmented email lists

Not every email will apply to your entire email list. Target your emails for better open and click rates. Consider your audience!

7. Include a call to action

All social media posts and marketing materials should include a call to action, one of which can be subscribing to your email list.

8. Gather email addresses at events

You can build your email list offline in addition to online. Collect them at trade shows, conferences, or whatever events your business attends throughout the year. Each one is an opportunity.

9. Link paid search ads to an email sign-up page

Taking users directly to a landing page with a email sign-up option will make it easier for them to subscribe if they so choose.

10. Revive an old email list

Do you have a list of contacts that hasn’t been used in years? Bring them back into the fold by reminding them of your valuable services or products by sending them a “welcome back” email. Give them the option of opting back into the subscription.

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