Build Your Followers on Instagram: 8 Tips You Should Implement

Jun 12, 2017

Build Your Followers on Instagram: 8 Tips You Should Be FollowingDid you know that six in ten online adults have Instagram accounts? That there are over 600 million Instagrammers and that 400 million of that 600 million are active every day? It’s a popular platform (understatement of the year). If you’d like to tap into that 600 million Instagrammers (or the 400 million, for starters…), you need to build your followers on Instagram. Here’s the 8 tips you should be following to do just that.

Build Your Followers on Instagram: 8 Tips You Should Implement

1. Post Consistently

Strive for at least one time per day.

2. Use the Right Hashtags

The hashtag is vitally important on Instagram. The right hashtags will get your imagery and message in front of the right audience. You get to use a maximum of 30 hashtags per post, so use them well.

3. Follow Similar Accounts

And like their posts! Use hashtags – maybe even ones that your account is using! – to find accounts that are like yours. When you start following and like their posts, they’re more likely to follow your account back.

4. Host a Photo Contest

Again with the hashtags – they make it so easy to collect photos from users around a theme. Photo contests are not only fun, but they’re also successful in getting you more followers.

5. Use Emojis

They’re popular, so use them. Sometimes, an emoji speaks louder than words themselves.

6. Cross-promote

Share your images on Facebook. And on Twitter. You could even post to Pinterest, if it’s fitting for your company and target demographic.

7. Dive into New Features

It seems like a week doesn’t pass without Instagram unveiling a new feature. Try out “Stories,” use Boomerang, share a slideshow of photos. Try to stay ahead of the crowd and show off how tech-savvy you are by being fearless with new features. It shows your commitment to the app! Plus, Instagrammers like to follow people who are trying new things.

8. Be Active

Don’t just invest in your own images – share the love on others’ accounts, too. Spend time on the platform. Double-tap, comment, follow new people. When you have a strong presence all around on Instagram, you’ll find that the number of followers you have just keeps growing and growing…

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