Building Relationships During the Holidays

Dec 9, 2016

Building Relationships During the HolidaysThere is no better time than the holidays to cultivate relationships with customers, employees, and members of the community. People are generally more receptive and friendly at this time of year, so spread that holiday cheer in and out of the office. 

Building Relationships During the Holidays 

Start with an inward focus. That is, your employees, especially employees that deal directly with clients.  Emphasize the company message. This does not mean micromanaging your employees and forcing them to affect a fake holiday cheer. Praise achievements and offer positive reinforcement. Boost morale by talking about the future of the company and plans to grow. Show, don’t tell, why this is such a great company to work for. If employees are anticipating a holiday bonus, they will be especially eager to please. From a customer service standpoint, no one wants to be helped by someone with a poor attitude. Happy employees = happy clients. While this is not true in every case, it certainly leads to more good will all around.

Reach out. To everyone. You will not be met with success (aka, a response) every time, because people are busy. Even so, it shows that you took the initiative to begin a relationship. Maintaining connections is just as important. If you have not heard from a client in a few months, at the very least wish them “Happy Holidays!”. They will see that you are putting forth the effort and are more likely to act likewise.

Step out into the community. If there is a local tree lighting this weekend, attend with a few sociable employees. Bring a mini team of individuals you know are strong communicators. Establishing a presence in the community outside of the walls of your business is essential to your success. Charity events are another opportunity to support the community, and they are prevalent during the holiday season. It is the perfect opportunity to give back to the community that you chose as the home for your business.

Happy Holidays!