Building Your Brand Presence on LinkedIn

Jul 15, 2016

How to Write Perfect Posts for LinkedInIn the hands of the right company, LinkedIn in is a powerful social network. The question is…is yours the right company? The companies that are really killing it on LinkedIn are doing specific action items to build a robust presence on the world’s largest professional network. Are you ready to stat building your brand presence on LinkedIn? Well then, come with me! 

Building Your Brand Presence on LinkedIn

Sharing content (just like you would do on Facebook)

One of the key pieces of strategy when using Facebook is to post consistently. The same is true for LinkedIn. Show that your company has a presence on LinkedIn in by sharing your recent blog posts, industry highlights, company news, team member spotlights…and so on. Sure, the posts will (and should) have more of an “industry” or business slant, but, really, it’s the same idea as Facebook. Post great content and post it consistently.

Publishing content

Yep, this one is different. The Pulse platform within LinkedIn is a place where anyone with an account can publish long-form content. There’s over 3 million posts on LinkedIn. And, many of this content is published by industry leaders, so it’s got recognition and influence. Therefore, it’s time your company got on board. Choose someone from the company (maybe even multiple people!) to be the “face” of the company on LinkedIn, as Pulse articles must come from personal accounts, not company pages.

Think about what kind of content you’d like to post. How often will you be able to post? What kinds of industry insight can you give to readers?

Boost with Sponsored Updates

If your shared content isn’t reaching as many people as you’d like it to (and it probably won’t, not to start), try giving your highest performing posts an added boost by putting some advertising dollars behind it. Your post must start as an organic post, so make sure you’re already sharing content so that you know the kind of content that’s more likely to perform well.

As time goes on, your audience will grow. Perhaps you won’t need to boost your posts anymore after that. Or, maybe you’ll always want to give your posts that added push. It’s really up to you.

Run an Ad Campaign

Want to take your ads to the next level? Running an ad campaign is the next logical step. There’s a couple different options available to you, depending on the kind of results and response you’re looking for. You can read more about the various options here.

When your company is just getting started on LinkedIn, it seems like there’s too many things to do at once. Follow these steps for building your brand presence on LinkedIn and your audience will grow in no time.