Choosing Your Next Blog Topic

Sep 25, 2015

When it comes to managing your company blog, it can be easy to develop the ever so dreaded writer’s block. We’ve all been there. Rather than Choosing your Next Blog Topicbeing tongue, tied, or at a loss for words, try some of these helpful tips to stimulate your creative mind. We know you can do it! Choosing your next blog topic can be difficult, so  we’ve developed three helpful steps to get you off and running…or rather, writing.

Choosing your Next Blog Topic

There are a plethora of topics for you to write about, yet none seem fitting for the present moment. Sounds like a problem. Let’s see what we can do to help.

1. Tack on a Title

When you are struggling to decide on a topic, try generating fun and creative title ideas! Think about yourself as a consumer. The title is normally what draws you in and piques your interest. As a writer, having a snazzy title may enhance your desire to not only learn more about the topic yourself, but write more as well! Many times, we choose a book off of the shelf based on the title alone. Try it!

 2. Minimize Choosing your Next Blog Topic

Quality over quantity. No one is asking you to write the next great American novel. Be consistent, be concise, and be clear. Blogging for your company can be extremely fun based on your writing style, however, try not to beat around the bush too much. Do not be overwhelmed by the task at hand. Introduce your idea, support with facts, and conclude.

3. Recycle Material

When in doubt, look back in history at some of your favorite blogging moments! What did you particularly enjoy about the piece? Go back and reread some of your greatest hits and relive the glory days. Now is the time to revive them. Try to pick out one or two things that you could develop further. Choosing your next blog topic may lie somewhere in the past.

If you still have writers block, consider setting up a consultation with our RedMoxy Team! We want to help you on your journey to blogging greatness.

Choosing your Next Blog Topic