Jun 10, 2022

RedMoxy helped ChromaCode’s organic website traffic increase by 90% from 2020 to 2021.


It’s an exciting thing for a new company to be at the forefront of a new technology. For RedMoxy, it’s even more exciting when that company comes to us and asks for boundary-pushing design and cutting-edge development on a website.

ChromaCode is redefining molecular testing through data science, putting them right at the intersection of bioscience and software engineering. Driven by a need to stand out in an industry full of run-of-the-mill websites and traditionally-branded collateral, ChromaCode reached out to RedMoxy for branding, website design & development and collateral design.

ChromaCode’s new site features industry-redefining scrolling, mobile-first navigation and plenty of large, vibrant imagery to match the vivid colors of the ChromaCode logo. Each scroll of the mouse acts like a slide in a presentation, focusing the user’s attention on each important item one at a time.
The new website with its innovative design and user experience is one of the reasons why organic traffic numbers on the ChromaCode site increased by 90.91% from 2020 to 2021.

RedMoxy is thrilled to partner with ChromaCode as the company pushes boundaries in the bioscience industry. ChromaCode knows that RedMoxy is equipped to handle – and excited about – new ideas and challenges in digital and traditional marketing. From refreshing stale brand identities to expanding the edge of modern web design, RedMoxy is the marketing agency that brands trust with their projects from start to finish.

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