Coming up with good graphics for blog postYour writing skills might be better then most, but full, attention grabbing communication goes beyond the written word. Developing a full blog post, designed to engage, requires attention to the visual.

If you often find yourself at a loss to provide good imagery or graphics for your blog posts, fear not, we’ve developed a short list containing resources which encourage and support successful brainstorming along with some quick links to get good free imagery and a few links to create your own imagery or graphics.


Resources for brainstorming good blog graphics: has a long list of brainstorm or ideation tools and techniques here:

Getty images offers a fantastic and innovative tool to find the right image or media to match your mood with it’s moodstream:

Brainstorm imagery by color at TinEye Labs:

Looking for word association tools?  Visual Thesaurus has a nice tool to do just that:

Do a simple google image search, use a theme or topic and see what comes up:


Where to grab good free imagery:

Artistic, professional-quality, absolutely free, high-resolution imagery. This is a must visit:

Dedicated to allowing and fostering creativity sharing, Creative Commons is worth learning more about:

A site dedicated to free stock photography:

Stock imagery to be used however and wherever you’d like: will allow you to sign up for an email list to be sent new imagery monthly:


Tools to create your own graphics and imagery for your blog:

Create charts and graphics with

Another good option for web-based info graphic creation:

PicMonkey has a free version and an upgradeable way to modify imagery to professional standards and creativity:

Canva’s free application can help anyone become a designer: