Common Public Relations Misconceptions

Mar 6, 2015

Milwaukee Public RelationsWhen you’re the voice of public relations sense at your company, you deal with your fair share of common public relations misconceptions. Sure, you know the top three tips for getting your pitch read by the media, but the rest of the company doesn’t know it. Instead, they’ve got a warped sense of PR and how it works.

You’ve seen it all, heard it all. How did you react? What was your response? Here’s our top common public relations misconceptions and how to handle them.

Common Public Relations Misconceptions

1. Unworthy News

It’s hard to beat down excitement when your colleague is just. so. happy. Your colleague is a little too close to the “news,” and doesn’t recognize that the “news” really isn’t all that newsworthy. What do you do? See if you can make the little news a part of a bigger news story about the company. If that won’t work, encourage your colleague to write a blog post or newsletter about it instead.

2. Rogue News

What happens when a colleague talks to the media instead of going through you? You prepare for damage control, just in case. Then, talk to the colleague. Let her know that you’re there to make sure things go smoothly. Focus on the benefits and he’ll be less likely to go rogue next time.

3. “Free” News

You know that nothing in PR is guaranteed, but your co-workers don’t know that, so they’d like you create free media. Whether it’s a press conference, focus group, media stunt, gala…it’s unlikely and usually unnecessary. Instead, come up with a different strategy (utilizing more appropriate tactics, like mindful pitching)  to present to your overzealous colleagues and sell it to them. Sell it hard.

4. Micromanaged News

Ever received unsolicited advice about how to deal with the media, what to say to a reporter, or how the article should turn out? If it happens continuously, you’ll probably need to have an open, honest conversation with the person. It won’t be easy, but it’ll be more productive in the long run.


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