Conquering Tone and Voice in Blogging with a Team of Writers

Jan 21, 2015

Conquering Tone and Voice in Blogging with a Team of Writers

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When it comes to blogging, there’s a world of difference between tone and voice. However, there shouldn’t be a world of difference between the voice and tone of one blog post to another. Consistency is key.

Tone is the business’s personality; voice is how it comes across to the reader. Consider how tone and voice vary depending on the type of blog. For example, for many personal bloggers, the focus is more on the tone of the blog rather than their voice in the blog. For business blogs, however, tone and voice in the blog must be consistent with the business’s overall tone and voice. No matter the number of people you have writing for your business blog, your responsibility is to consider your business as a whole, not just your own personal opinions.

When you have multiple people writing for the blog, there will be drastic differences unless your writers understand your business’s tone. Tone is centered on your business’s story, the story of where you came from and where you plan to go next (Read more about mastering tone of voice here).

How do you get your team of writers to write with the same tone and voice required for the business’s blog? Read on.

Conquering Tone and Voice in Blogging with a Team of Writers

Stay consistent.

Having multiple writers gives the blog plenty of posts, but too many writers becomes unwieldy. Our advice? Stick with the same core group of writers. Allow your writers to develop into their grove. Stay consistent with how often you post; being sporadic doesn’t allow your readers to build trust. After all is said and done, the audience members who read your blog are more likely to buy into whatever you are selling.


When you have a group of writers managing one blog, you also have a variety of skill levels and skill sets. Allow your writers to grow and help them along their way. Don’t hinder creativity, but teach your team through either trial and error or lessons.

If you’re just starting your business’s blog, assume there will be some teaching and some trial and error. It will take time for the team of writers to get in a groove and feel comfortable with the tasks before them. However, if you have had a blog for a while and want to revamp it, jump on the learning train. Have your head writers sit down with your blog writers and give them some tips. Consider signing up for online classes. Make professional development a priority.

Stand out amongst the crowd (of other blogs).

You have the unique opportunity to expand your readership just by understanding your audience. The more you know about your audience, the better. Write about the information they want to learn. Not sure who your audience is? Read here to figure it out.

Need help collaborating all the work coming in from your team of writers? This Editorial Calendar will help you keep track of who is writing what. Download it below.