Consistency on Social & Why it Matters

Sep 14, 2016

Waukesha Web Design Experts: ResponsivenessIf your social media accounts aren’t producing the results you’re hoping for… you’re not alone. But there are ways to improve your ideas, approach and your writing to get through this lull. And you know what? One of the most likely reasons why your social media isn’t gaining any traction is this: You’re not being consistent. Consistency matters. Today, we’re discussing consistency on social & why it matters. 

Consistency on Social & Why it Matters

We’ve probably all heard that we need to push for consistency in social media, blogging, emails, etc and it’s true. To truly entice a following on your social channels and keep that following nurtured and well-fed, you need to provide regular, valuable information which enhances your position and credibility.
But, we also know that it’s not always that simple. Projects, meetings, and life in general can get in the way, and most of us fall short of the daily “best practices” for social posting.

To improve your consistency, try creating an editorial calendar. Being organized with content and posts can go along way to get you past the hectic and disorganized last minute posts (or skipped postings).

Taking it a step further, many pros use tools like Hootsuite to schedule their postings. If you can produce a regular editorial calendar and develop the content, why not schedule the posts at set intervals? This eliminates that last minute misses and chaos which tend to lead to inconsistency. To read more on scheduling posts ahead of time, click here.

Chances are, if you’re like most, the reasons social media isn’t working are a combination of one or two reasons (and maybe a few more). The best approach to begin gaining that momentum is to identify your problems and then develop a plan to improve your process. It shouldn’t be too long before you begin to see a positive direction in your engagement and interaction levels. If you don’t see that rise, perhaps you’ve misidentified the issue and you should try another approach. Track all your results and be persistent, the right answers will become clear as long as you try new routes and regularly track and analyze your numbers.