Content Analysis: How to Determine if You Have Effective Content

May 24, 2022

Having quality content is key to marketing. Without it, your customers will struggle to understand your company and its services. In order to make sure your content is current and effective, you need to evaluate it. What, then, is the best way to accomplish this? Below are three tips on content analysis and how to determine if you have effective content.

Audit All of Your Platforms

How can I effectively analyze my content through an audit of my platforms?

In order to conduct a content analysis, you need to evaluate all of your content. While this is a lot of work, in the end, it will be worth it. Check for outdated content. If you can update it, great. If you can’t, then get rid of it. Every piece of your content has to have a purpose. If it doesn’t, it will only do more harm than good. Your customers want to find the most current and accurate information with ease. Having outdated content also puts your credibility in question as readers may question your expertise because your information is not accurate.

You also need to check for consistency throughout all of your media platforms. While all your content should not be the same word for word, there should still be consistent themes and content. It can be challenging to find the balance between consistency and redundancy. In order to do so, think back to your target audience for each platform and what your goals are for each. While they may be similar, each platform should be working to accomplish its own specific goal.

Determine Your Goals

How can determining my company’s goals aid my content analysis?

As stated above, it is essential to determine your goals when conducting your content analysis. If you don’t know what your content’s goals are, how are you supposed to evaluate it? Go back to the goals you set when you started creating content for your website and social and print media. Look and see how your consumers react to your content. Maybe your Facebook posts are receiving lots of comments and likes but your Twitter is garnering no attention. Figure out what you are doing well and then see how you can transfer those tactics to areas that are struggling.

Remember that while each platform is different, they all have one common, overarching goal. Whether you’re using them for marketing, public relations, SEO, or anything else, each platform is communicating with your publics. When you audit your site and media, determine whether they are communicating the message you want. Be sure to consider this from the consumers’ perspectives as well because what you think is effective, could be completely missing the mark. This is where surveys, focus groups, and the like come into play. Receiving honest feedback from consumers is one of the most effective and beneficial ways to analyze your content.

Remain Consistent

Why is consistency important in my content analysis?

After you reflect on your goals and receive feedback from consumers, you can begin to rework your content. As stated earlier, consistency is key. Maintain your brand image and voice throughout all of your content so that you can promote your company effectively. This can be challenging if you have multiple writers creating content. However, by having clear branding and goals for your content you can maintain that consistency without becoming redundant and boring.

Check out Jon Simpson’s article, “Why Content Consistency Is Key To Your Marketing Strategy,” at Forbes to learn more about consistency in branding, scheduling, and the amount of content you produce along with how to implement these strategies into your own marketing tactics.

Content analysis is necessary for your company to remain relevant. Effective content both draws in your audience and boosts your credibility. Without it, your company will not be as successful. Want to learn more about content analysis? RedMoxy is here to answer any questions you may have! Connect with us by clicking here.