Content Marketing vs Copywriting

Apr 23, 2018

There are some things that just go together and are, well, perfect pairs. Salt and pepper. Peanut butter and jelly. RedMoxy and digital marketing. (Yup, shameless plug!) Today, we want to talk a little bit about content marketing vs copywriting. To do this, we need to better understand each one individually, so that we can showcase how they work together.

Last week, we shared with you all what a content writer does. So, let’s stick along those same lines and dive in.

Marketing Needs Content Writing

To be attractive to your target audience, you need to be creating interesting, original content. Makes sense. So, to attract customers you may work hard to create blogs or freebies or to give free consultations to people. And, that’s great. Marketing needs to have that attractive piece to get people interested.

But, marketing also needs the piece where interested visitors convert and become customers and then later loyal consumers.

Marketing Needs Copywriting

Content Marketing vs Copywriting -- RedMoxy CommunicationsThe sales and conversion aspect of marketing comes into play when you add copywriting into the mix. Copywriting is the creation of original content centered around your brand that leads people to take action. In other words: an elaborate sales pitch. When site visitors come to your website, they need to be interested in your content, but they also need to see why your organization is a necessary addition to their lives. A manufacturing company can tell you all kinds of reasons why a certain kind of steel is better than another, but if they don’t make you feel like you, personally, need that steel, you aren’t going to buy it.

Essential Elements of Good Copywriting

  1. Attractive headlines
  2. Clear, concise language
  3. Avoidance of jargon
  4. Connection with target audience
  5. CTAs

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A Strong Marketing Platform is Built on Content Writing and Copywriting.

The two come together and can help you create a really strong inbound marketing campaign where you attract the interest of your target audience and then persuade them to convert through copywriting.

Good luck as you fuse both content writing and copywriting together to build a better marketing platform! Reach out to us if you have questions.