Content Marketing – What Is It?

Nov 7, 2018

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “content marketing” tossed around before in business circles. It seems vague, but it is vital to successful business practice. There are various types of marketing, many of which have been discussed in our previous blogs, but content marketing is one of the most vital. We’ll talk about what content marketing is and what it is not, its many benefits, and how it helps a business grow. Read further to find out more about the world of content marketing and learn how your manufacturing business can benefit from a well-executed content marketing plan. 

Isn’t Content Marketing the Same Thing as Digital Marketing?

Although there are some clear crossovers between digital marketing and content marketing, they are not synonyms for one another. Rather, it much more appropriately settles under the larger umbrella of inbound marketing, which you may have read in our most recent blog. You may also remember our post from August detailing digital marketing. It explained that this tactic is largely implemented through social media. Its basic idea is to attractively promote your business or organizational goals in ways that help you expand your audience and even boost SEO rankings. Content marketing is related to this concept, but it varies in that it is much more specific and focused. The ultimate goal of content marketing, of course, is to drive sales and profit, but it is accomplished by showing your customer base your appreciation for them. You deliver content that specifically applies to a targeted sector of your customer base, and ideally these people respond by showing loyalty to your business.

Benefits to Content Marketing

If you haven’t looked into implementing a content marketing strategy yet, now is the time. We live in an age in which virtually everyone has become familiar with social media, which means businesses must be very careful with what type of content they’re putting out there. People are becoming highly cognizant of the content they’re seeing, and methods like pop-up ads and banner advertising oftentimes don’t seem genuine or inviting. Here are just a few of the benefits:

Keep Them Coming Back

Content marketing offers you a chance to build an engaged and loyal customer base. When customers are searching online for their manufacturing needs, they are far more likely to engage with you if your content is forward, detailed, and engaging. For example, show a video explaining what goes on at your organization. Acquire testimonials from clients. Let your customers know how to contact you. By doing so, your customers are likely to see your business as reputable because you are being transparent and available to them. This creates trust and increases the likelihood that you will continue to retain customers, and these people will tell others about the positive experience they had with your business.

You Control the Content

Rather than paying another firm to advertise for you, content marketing gives you the peace of mind that your content is exactly what you want the public to see. Your customers will reason that you aren’t posting everything, like some of the negatives your company has gone through, but they are still more likely to trust it and build a relationship with you.

Be the First to Come to Mind 

If you’re consistently posting content to your site and/or social media platforms, your customers will think of you first the next time they need to contact a manufacturing business. If they notice your competitors’ content is more relatable or engaging, they may not think to come back to yours again, even if a previous experience was a good one.

If you would like to get started on content marketing but aren’t sure of where to start, get in touch with us at RedMoxy. We have the knowledge to help you define what content matches your organization to best help it grow. Contact us here or call (262) 303-4238.