Content Writing: How to Avoid Slumps and Keep Writing Creative Content

Feb 10, 2022

In marketing, public relations, advertising, and any professional field, it can be challenging to write creative content. Once you have found a campaign or style that is successful, the task of producing new content feels daunting. Consumers want the newest and latest content whether you are ready to write it or not; there are no pauses in the business world. Unfortunately, sometimes writer’s block is inevitable. Here are four ways to avoid slumps and keep writing creative content.

Look at Your Content from a New Perspective

How can I get out of my head and write new content?

Once you have conditioned your mind to process your brand, services, or products in one way, the task of taking a new look is substantially more difficult. It may seem like every idea you have is merely a reflection of what you have already completed. To combat this, try looking at your content from a new perspective. Look at the website as if you are a new customer.  Think to yourself: “If I was a new customer what information would I want?” or “how does this content resonate with me?”. Once you focus on someone else’s thoughts instead of your own, you will be able to get out of your head and write new content. 

Revisit Your Personas

How can my audience influence my content creation?

Most companies have a designated public they aim to reach. In order to narrow down the general public, personas are created to make the process easier. Just as looking at your content from the perspective of a new customer can help your creativity, so can taking another look at your target audience. Re-evaluate your personas and consider how your previous content catered to them. Was it successful? Were there any gaps? By asking questions like these you can discern what worked well and try to adapt it, or you can see what did not work and brainstorm how to reach that public better.

Compare to the Competition

How can my competition help me get out of my slump?

While looking at another’s work can be one of  the worst ways to spark creativity, sometimes looking at the competition can give your writing the boost it needs. Evaluate the differences between your competition’s approaches and your own. What do you do better? What do they do better? As you consider this, apply the successful tactics your competitor uses to your own content. Now, this is not saying to completely adapt their approach, however, you should use this as an exercise to try out a different process. Once you get out of your own head space it will be easier to conceptualize new ideas. 


How can collaboration bring in new ideas?

Writing can sometimes feel like a one-person job. However, especially in the workplace, collaboration on content occurs regularly. Talking through new ideas with your fellow co-workers or supervisor is a productive method as they most likely are or have struggled with content creativity. Your co-workers may be working on a similar project and have a new approach to the content. Having immediate feedback on ideas is also important as bad ideas are tossed out right away and good ideas can be considered more deeply. Often, in conversation or brainstorming sessions, ideas will play off of each other, thus lifting the writer’s block. Even taking the time to look away from your screen and just talk with someone about your ideas can be the push your brain needs to write creative content.

Staying current and creative with your content can be challenging in any field. However, whether you work in marketing, public relations, advertising, or other professional areas, the task of writing new content can actually be exciting instead of daunting once you step outside the box. Even though inspiration may not always strike, you can always go back to the basics to avoid slumps and keep writing creative content.