Content Writing: Making Emotional Connections in B2B Marketing

Feb 8, 2019

As any industrial or manufacturing organization knows, B2B marketing is crucial to success. How a business makes use of it and effectively communicates through B2B marketing channels can turn itself from good to outstanding. We’ve recapped the idea of B2B marketing in some of our previous blogs. If you’d like a refresher on B2B marketing for businesses,  click here.

Outside of these general tips, there is one overarching characteristic that is evident in any successful B2B marketing endeavor: being able to emotionally connect to the target of the campaign. Being diligent, staying current, positively responding to feedback – these are important steps to remember when making emotional connections in B2B marketing. However, forgetting to tie your business’s B2B marketing into a positive emotional experience for the audience could result in a crippling loss of time, money, and energy. Instead, read further to learn how to make emotional connections in your B2B marketing.

Making Emotional Connections in B2B Marketing

It Goes Beyond B2C

I bet if you were to ask a selection of B2C marketers what is the most important part of marketing – say, individuals working for Target, McDonald’s, etc. – they would respond with something relating to emotion. They would probably touch on the fact that it is essential to connect to the consumer and make that consumer feel the business is personally essential. And this is true. However, B2B marketers should also think along these same lines. Focus on making sure your B2B partners are emotionally connected to necessary personnel within your own business and to the business itself. Think of these people as individuals as opposed to a business. After all, they are investing much of their own time and resources into partnering with you. If you’re emotionally connected, the groundwork will be set for a successful, professional relationship.

So how, exactly, is this accomplished?

Focus on the Message

After reading this headline, perhaps you’re rolling your eyes and thinking to yourself, “here we go again.” But focusing on the message of your marketing goes beyond simply making sure your B2B marketing message is aligning with your company’s values and goals (although, seriously, this can’t be overstated). According to Search Engine Journal, one of the most surefire ways you can generate positive emotions in your audience is by paying special attention to your business’s landing page. Maybe “emotion” isn’t the first word that comes to mind when planning your B2B marketing strategies. However, if you do emphasize your organizational values, goals and priorities on the landing page, your partners will see that you prioritize them as people over prioritizing money and contracts.

Tell Your Story

Many leaders in B2B marketing are executing their campaigns by telling a story. What exactly does that mean? Well, it means they are creatively telling the world who they are and what they do. You could tell a story about how your business was founded and place an emphasis on the qualities of those individuals who were involved.

Example: Give a brief example of how Company A chose to work with you five years ago. Since they’ve worked with your company, here’s all the ways they’ve grown to new heights.

In any case you encounter, tell your story to initiate a response from your audience. The goal is to remind your partners that working alongside your company equals long-term success.

Benefits to Emotions in B2B Marketing

Tie the appropriate emotional appeals into your B2B marketing to set your company apart. If you’ve made an emotional connection with your business partners, they’ll be inclined to continue the partnership rather than attempt to take the time to form that same bond with a new one. Additionally, your company will be more likely to be viewed as transparent, trustworthy and helpful. Keep in mind that B2B marketing, just like B2C, is run through powerful human connections.

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