Conversion Marketing: Why It Matters for Your Industrial Manufacturing Company

Jun 26, 2019

Conversion marketing is a term that marketers toss around frequently. Today, we’ll dive into conversion marketing: why it matters for your industrial manufacturing company. After you’ve increased your social media reach and your website traffic, you need to capitalize on your connections. That’s where conversion marketing comes in. 

Conversion Marketing: Why It Matters for Your Industrial Manufacturing Company

What is conversion marketing?

Conversion marketing is based on the point of conversion. Conversion, according to MarketingSherpa, is “The point at which a recipient of a marketing message performs a desired action.” People often only view conversion as getting potential customers to become customers. However, conversion covers more actions. For example, getting people to talk on the phone, open an email, use a coupon, or click a link count as conversion points. This means that any desired action can be a point of conversion.

More specifically, in B2B arenas, conversion marketing consists of many small conversion points, usually over an extended amount of time. As you build up a relationship between your company and your potential customers, many small actions are necessary. These conversion points keep up a connection with your contacts. 

What customers does conversion marketing affect?

Conversion marketing targets all visitors on your website. Gearing towards a high conversion rate affects all your visitors. This means that conversion marketing is a smart focus as it affects all potential customers. In other words, interested potential connections are already on your site. Therefore, it is up to you now to to solidify the business connection.

Why does conversion marketing matter for your industrial manufacturing company?

Conversion marketing is key for your industrial manufacturing company. In an industrial context, conversion marketing consists of a steady connection with potential customers. Setting a goal for a high conversion rate for your company means more sales, fewer lost connections, and a larger return on investment.

For your industrial manufacturing company, your marketing goal is most likely for increased connections with customers. Stemming from this, your conversion goal will be for people to spend time on your website, learn about your company and products, and ultimately contact your company. In many B2B purchasing decisions, up to 80% of the buying decision is made before involving a sales person. This means that customers rely heavily on website research. Accordingly, your conversion points before even speaking to a potential customer can make all the difference. 

What are some conversion marketing techniques?

The two main things to pay attention to while working on a conversion marketing campaign for your industrial manufacturing company are content quality and contact clarity. It’s important to make sure your website and print materials are high quality content. This is because potential connections notice sub-par work. To check for quality work, use proof-reading, editing, and fact-checking.

Clearly presenting your company’s contact information is vital. This makes sense—if people can’t find out how to contact you, chances are that they won’t contact you. It follows that you need easy to find contact information for conversion marketing growth.

In addition, website design and your content decisions matter. Including these following choices increases your conversion marketing rate:

  • Engaging landing pages
  • Video content
  • Pictures included with your product descriptions
  • Easy to use website

When designing your website, keep conversion marketing in mind. A nice-looking website is important, but a website that turns leads into useful connections is impactful. Your manufacturing company will greatly benefit from a conversion marketing emphasis.

Conversion marketing matters for growing your industrial manufacturing company’s connections, purchases, and overall reach. For more information and specific marketing strategies for your industrial manufacturing company, contact us at RedMoxy.