Creating a Social Media Editorial Calendar

Dec 5, 2016

Creating a Social Media Editorial Calendar With the new year nearly upon on, it’s time to start creating content for 2017. If your usual method is searching for topics the day that a post is supposed to go out, scrambling for a relevant subject, this is the year to plan ahead. Creating an editorial calendar for the year, the quarter, or some other assigned length of time will ensure that your content ties together and transitions smoothly from post to post. You will be less likely to encounter the dilemma of sitting at your computer wracking your brain. Taking the time now to map out future posts will save you time further down the road. The result will be high-quality social media content. Creating a social media editorial calendar is well-worth the effort – see why here. 

Creating a Social Media Editorial Calendar

As you begin to brainstorm ideas, recall what posts were successful in the past. Think about why you believe they performed well. For example, it could be the format or a hot topic. Use this as a springboard, simply tweaking the post to keep it fresh and updated. Find what works. Review any analytics or social media reports. It is okay to re-purpose old content if you find a new twist. A brainstorming session with coworkers or anyone willing to participate is the best way to generate dozens of ideas in a short period of time. Make yourself a cup of coffee and settle in for a nice, lively discussion.

Decide how often you would like to post. You might usually blog once a month, but it could be time to bump it up to once a week. For social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you most likely will be posting daily. If you do not have the time and staff to create large amounts of content, then do what you can. Go for quality over quantity.

Software for creating editorial calendars is available, such as through Sprout Social and WordPress. However, it is just as easy to type it up in a grid format or in an Excel spreadsheet. Whatever organizational system you use, you’ll be structured about the time of day you post. Posts can also be scheduled ahead of time.

Creating a social media editorial calendar helps you to visualize your content and improve its flow, therefore enhancing the quality of every post.